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How to Get Dayajir Sky Armor in Chained Echoes

How to Get Dayajir Sky Armor in Chained Echoes
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One of the best-looking seraph-class Sky Armors in Chained Echoes is Dayajir Sky Armor. However, to get it, you have to put in some serious effort, because the path to this armor is anything but straightforward.

If you are tired of hunting for it on your own, use this easy-to-follow guide, which explains everything you need to know on how to get Dayajir Sky Armor in Chained Echoes.

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Where to get Dayajir Sky Armor (Frame) in Chained Echoes

dayajir armor location chained echoes
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Dayajir Sky Armor is located in one of the smaller floating islands of Shambala, but unfortunately, you can’t just fly there. First, you need to head to the big island that dominates the central west part of the map. When you get there, keep moving northeast and clear enemies on the way.

After fighting three gorillas, get out of the mechs, and jump off the ledge that is right next to the wall-enclosed area where you defeated those gorillas. You will land right next to a chest where you can get the frame.

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Where to get Dayajir’s Soul in Chained Echoes

dayajir soul location chained echoes
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If you didn’t obtain Dayajir’s Soul beforehand, you need to get it to fully upgrade your Dayajir Sky Armor. Dayajir’s Soul is sold by a mouse merchant that you can find below the Raminas Tower. First, you need the elevator key (found in Nhysa). After you get it, backtrack and head to the basement of the Raminas Tower (the eastern part of Ograne Grottos). Go east and turn south to find the merchant and purchase Dayajir’s Soul.

When you get both parts, take them to the engine room in The Hooge (east of where the merchants are), talk to the busy technician, and get Dayajir FD.

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How to Get Dayajir Sky Armor in Chained Echoes


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