We still love playing Animation Throwdown and we’re happy to find out that there’s a lot more depth in this game than you think when you first play it. If you have played your Arena battles lately and have managed to get to rank 6 or above, you probably found out that there’s a really annoying card in the game: the defense card which really makes things complicated. And we’re here to talk about the Animation Throwdown defense card and tell you everything there is to know about it, including the answers to the burning questions: what is it and how to get one?

Unfortunately, the news are not great for those looking to expand their decks with a defense card or more. Despite playing the game for huge amounts of time, we were never able to get our hands on a defense card, nor heard about anybody who has one.


Then what is the defense card?

Apparently, it’s just a “boost” card that’s offered to the AI in the Arena, a bonus card placed in the decks of your opponents, a card used to keep things complicated and force you to work on building that awesome deck even more. In other words, it’s just a way to help the silly AI and make your life more complicated. The boost card, however, does not remain in one’s deck after being used by the AI. Chances are that if somebody plays against your deck and they’re in Arena 6 or higher, they’ll get the dreaded defense card from you as well.

So that would be about the Animation Throwdown defense card: as much as you’d like to, you can’t have one. But you can surely have our guides for the game, so make sure you check them out below:

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So there’s a lot for you to study! And if you somehow manage to get your hands on a defense card and actually have it in your deck, don’t hesitate to let us know!



    • Why is it ridiculous? The card is very easy to beat since they almost never have any attack. When I put a rage card against the defence card it even is in my advantage, the rage card keeps increasing attack without dealing any damage, a free head start in my opinion.

  1. I love the defense card because like jesse said, it is a head start. By the time one of your rage cards destroys it, your card can pretty much demolish whatever card AI puts in front of it!

  2. You actually can see your own defense card, if you click on the silver shield at the bottom left corner of your screen, when you are viewing your player’s stats… You can’t, however, add it to your deck or upgrade it or anything, but you can view it… what the point of that is, I couldn’t say…

  3. I’m wondering if there defense cars are permanent I would like the game too return to normal rules, if ever, I just joined the game and these defense cards are a huge turn off. Just want to know if it’s temporary or permanent, if I should stay it not.


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