We love playing Animation Throwdown so far, but we found out one thing the hard way: it’s really difficult to get those Epic and Legendary cards into your deck and without them, the later chapters in the game will become really difficult to beat (although not impossible if you focus on researching all the combos). However, if you want to get more Epic & Legendary cards in Animation Throwdown, as well as better loot overall, we’re here to share with you a quick guide on how to do it.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out Touch, Tap, Play’s guide below on how to get better loot in Animation Throwdown, as well as increase your count of rare cards, including epic and legendary ones!

How to get better loot in the game

There are two things you should make sure you have on your checklist when playing the game:

1. You are in an alliance that has at least 45 members, because this increases the gold you earn in the game from Arena battles and Adventure matches by 50%.

2. You have always watched three ads using the option in the left side of the screen, as this increases your chances at getting better drops and more coins.

How to get more rare cards in Animation Throwdown

Using the two recommended methods above for getting better loot not only increases the regular loot that you get, but also gives you more chances of actually getting rarer cards, directly and indirectly. Watching ads increases the chances of card drops from the Adventure battles, for example, and you can get some very rare cards from there if you defeated each boss enough times. Actually, you should play and replay Adventure battles for as many times as possible and defeat the bosses multiple times in order to unlock all the cards and increase your chances of getting those rarer ones. This is the easiest method to get guaranteed legendaries, even though it’s extremely time consuming.

Also, getting more coins means that you you will purchase more card packs with regular coins and those card packs can hold some real goodies inside as well. I have yet to be rewarded an Epic or Legendary card from buying the regular packs, but they have to be there!

Complete the quests – this is another way to get very rare cards: some quests give you Epic or Legendary cards as a reward, so make sure you keep an eye on them as well. I actually got my first Epic this way and I was very pleased!

Spend the money – if you want to quickly improve your deck, you can spend some money and take advantage of the special offers or buy the premium card packs. I would personally go for the special offers as they seem to give you more cards for the money, but it’s up for you to decide how much you want to spend on getting those rare cards!

Probably there were no real secrets for advanced players in this guide, but if we managed to paint a clearer picture on how loot drops work and how to get more epic and legendary cards in the game, it’s all good. The bottom line is that you have to be extremely active, complete the quests, watch the ads and battle over and over again!


  1. What I do is I save up my coins and buy 20k or higher card packs, sometimes this doesnt net much, IE last night I did a 21k pull and got 3 rare cards and the rest were normal. I have done pulls and gotten Epic and 1 Legendary myself. Seems the more coins that go in, generally the better the shot. Im gonna save 100k, and do a pull then.

  2. I have gotten legendary peter from the normal 1000 coins packs and a few epics as well. Just keep trying and they will pop out some day…

  3. It’s not so easy to get epics or legendarys, I’ve opened a ton of basic packs and got a legendary Tina. Maybe a couple of epics. Thanks for the tips

  4. I try to save up my coins past the 20k before purchasing packs. I have found the higher the amount of coins the better cards you will get typically. I once had 50k saved and bought a max pack. I would up getting 6 rares 3 epics 1 legendary.

  5. Can you still get cards if you keep beating a Gold lvl 3 boss over and over or does it not put out after a certain amount of times?

  6. You can I did this to get every card the adventure s have and it worked I had to play same ones over and over it’s tone consuming but did work

  7. I have gotten Epics from buying the “All You Can Afford” card packs with 26,000 coins, and my first Legendary Card (Pawtucket Patriot Ale) by doing the Quest lines. I have never spent money or Gems on packs…EVER!! Happy rumble guys!!!!