Animation Throwdown Best Combos & Card Combo Guide


Animation Throwdown is the ultimate animation crossover card game, featuring five of Fox’s greatest animated shows! Players will collect cards of fan-favorite characters, and battle it out in fast and furious card matches. Each card can be combined with another card to create a powerful card combo, and with so many combos in the game, how do you which ones are the best? Today we’ll be looking at some of the best combos in our Animation Throwdown card combo guide!

Animation Throwdown Best Card Combos Guide

We’ll be looking at only the Mythic rarity cards in Animation Throwdown. Mythic cards are the rarest cards you can get your hands on, and for good reason—they’re easily the strongest cards in the whole game. If you’re an experienced player of Animation Throwdown, you probably already have some Mythic cards, but if you don’t have one yet, they’re relatively easy to get, if not time-consuming. Make sure you log on every day to get the login reward, and do the side content like Rumble, Siege, Arena, and Event for more chances.

This list features the best combos for all Mythic cards. We’ll be sorting each character card by tiers, with their most favored trait combo listed next to them. The data for each character card was collected from Animation Throwdown‘s community research and opinions. These combos were rated on their raw power, utility, and versatility.

S Tier

  • Bob: Disguised, Drunk, Educated
  • Gene: Addicted, Art, Athletic, Music, Rich
  • Stewie: Armed, Art, Drunk, Fighter
  • Zapp: Armed, Toy

A Tier

  • Amy: Addicted, Armed
  • Bender: Armed
  • Bill: Animal, Educated
  • Fry: Athletic, Drunk
  • Hank: Addicted, Disguised
  • Joe: Addicted
  • Lois: Addicted
  • Roger: Rich
  • Snot: Drunk
  • Stan: Animal, Music
  • Zoidberg: Addicted

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B Tier

  • Bobby: Addicted
  • Farnsworth: Art, Toy
  • Hayley: Fighter
  • Jimmy Jr.: Athletic
  • Leela: Animal, Toy
  • Louise: Drunk, Rich
  • Meg: Drunk, Fighter
  • Peggy: Addicted, Disguised
  • Peter: Fighter, Rich
  • Steve: Disguised, Fighter, Toy
  • Tina: Armed, Athletic

C Tier

  • Brian: Art
  • Chris: Fighter, Music, Rich
  • Dale: Educated
  • Francine: Athletic
  • Klaus: Addicted, Drunk, Fighter, Rich
  • Luanne: Athletic, Disguised, Drunk
  • Teddy: Addicted, Animal, Armed

D Tier

  • Boomhauer: Animal, Armed, Athletic, Drunk
  • Bullock: Fighter
  • Quagmire: Animal, Athletic, Toy

Those are all the best combos for every Mythic character card in Animation Throwdown. We’re sure that you have your own favorite cards and opinions, so please let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Animation Throwdown Best Combos & Card Combo Guide


  1. Best combos and card combo guide listed on the title. Only to scroll down and find “truth is, there are no best combos” get bent with your click bait posts.

  2. X2 beefsquatch

    Space queen (Haley * costume/fairy queen)
    Anything with crazed trait is a hard card to beat. Expecially if it has 2+ crazed.

  3. Roger and blernsball makes chex lemenuex with 6 atk and 31 health, along with 4 crazed and 4 atk level up for every fusion played. Its op asf, also, Bob from bobs burgers is a good card to combo

  4. I have a roadrage deck.. 4 or 5 lindas with alot of the car cards makes the road rage card…2 of those plus a morts chauffer card kills quickly and only gets deadlier the longer you have it in play

  5. Peggy + Rifle = Paddlin’ Peggy = GG.

    (I’m sure a premium deck would laugh at this combo, but for Free-to-play people like myself, this is devastating.)

  6. My favorite card combo, so far, is Golden Turd and Amy; Amy’s Talking Tattoo. The opponent cringes as the health and boost number increase with every round. Amy is a great combo card with The Thinker Ape and Wingnut Amy combos as well.


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