Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards has just been launched on mobile platforms and it proves to be a really well made game. One interesting mechanic that it brings is the possibility to play two a card over another and get a card combo, increasing the stats of the base card. We’ve talked about this in our tips and tricks for the game, but it’s time to get a bit more in depth and find out the best combos for Animation Throwdown in our complete combo guide.

Initially, we wanted to do a list of the Animation Throwdown best combos and share our recommendations with you, but later on we realized that it makes little sense to do so. Since the game has just been launched and there are 192 cards, each with a bunch of potential combos, we didn’t even get the chance to unlock them all yet. Plus, even if we had, you are rewarded the cards randomly so no two players have the same set of cards, meaning that you could only get frustrated to see cool combos listed here and find yourself unable to do anything about it.

Therefore, we’ve decided to write this combo guide that will help you get those best combos ASAP. And it’s a lot easier this way because, no matter what deck you have, you’ll remain competitive against your opponents. So check out our Animation Throwdown combos guide below for some quick tips and tricks on how to get and use the best card combos in the game.

It’s all about the research!
This is the most important element when it comes to card combinations: research constantly and always have both research capsules working. This means that you should log in regularly to collect the researched combos and start new research. The more you can do this, the better and more combos you will be able to unlock.

Research rarer cards first
The rare cards require two hours per combo research and the timer goes up as the rarity of the cards increases. However, it’s these rare cards that are more useful and the actual game winners so my suggestion would be to always focus on them first. Start with the rare cards and research random combinations with cards in your deck, while keeping your options open.

What does this mean? This means that you should research combos with both rare and common cards in order to have multiple options when playing the game. Don’t research combos with cards that are not in your current deck: it will rarely happen for you to find a combo so good that you’ll bring the card in, replacing another in your deck. This might happen later in the game where multiple combos with a card that is not in your deck will be researched, but until then focus only on what you can use!

Finally, research various rare cards. Instead of exhausting all combos you can research for one card before moving to another, research some combos for each card so that when your hand is drawn you have more potential combos to play. This is extremely important!

What are the best combos?
There are 192 cards in the game currently, each with up 30 possible combos, so the options are indeed huge. The truth is that there are no “best combos” as the game is extremely balanced and with so many options, each one can make a difference. Still, there are some which are better than others and you will notice them while playing. Here is how to choose the best combos to win the game: focus on combos that give you a high health card for the first one you play, ideally with high damage as well. One with counter, block or regeneration is a great option because you need to always have the upper hand in battle. Go for a high damage combo as your second card: play the first two right and you will rarely have any problems being defeated by your opponent.

The good news is that you don’t have any time limits and you don’t have to remember all combos and their effects: just tap the card you’d like to play and check out the potential combos from the menu. Easy as pie!

Do you have anything else to add to our Animation Throwdown combos guide? Or maybe a combo that you consider amazing that you’d like to recommend to other players? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. Best combos and card combo guide listed on the title. Only to scroll down and find “truth is, there are no best combos” get bent with your click bait posts.

  2. X2 beefsquatch

    Space queen (Haley * costume/fairy queen)
    Anything with crazed trait is a hard card to beat. Expecially if it has 2+ crazed.

  3. Roger and blernsball makes chex lemenuex with 6 atk and 31 health, along with 4 crazed and 4 atk level up for every fusion played. Its op asf, also, Bob from bobs burgers is a good card to combo

  4. I have a roadrage deck.. 4 or 5 lindas with alot of the car cards makes the road rage card…2 of those plus a morts chauffer card kills quickly and only gets deadlier the longer you have it in play

  5. Peggy + Rifle = Paddlin’ Peggy = GG.

    (I’m sure a premium deck would laugh at this combo, but for Free-to-play people like myself, this is devastating.)

  6. My favorite card combo, so far, is Golden Turd and Amy; Amy’s Talking Tattoo. The opponent cringes as the health and boost number increase with every round. Amy is a great combo card with The Thinker Ape and Wingnut Amy combos as well.


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