Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is a brand new game released by Kongregate on the App Store, one that mixes together characters from top animation shows like Family Guy, Futurama and so on and sees them fight against each other for supremacy. It’s a pretty straightforward CCG that even more casual players will be able to appreciate, but it still has enough depth to keep everybody entertained. And I am here to help you get better at the game by sharing some Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards cheats and tips.

These tips will probably be more useful to beginner players than advanced ones, but everybody should read this strategy guide: maybe you’ll improve your game this way. Now without any further ado, let’s check out below TTP’s Animation Throwdown cheats and tips!


Buy packs as soon as you have the money
I haven’t seen any other use for the money you earn when playing and completing quest except for purchasing card packs, so that’s what you should be doing with your money. However, I suggest saving 5,000 coins and choosing the “Buy all” option from the Card Packs menu. You will buy 5 cards instead of one and in my case it seems that the chances of getting rare cards increase. It’s not guaranteed, but it doesn’t hurt to try either!

Be smart about upgrading your cards
You can upgrade all cards in your deck from the deck menu (just tap the card and hit the Upgrade button), but you shouldn’t hurry to do so. Start by upgrading just that rare cards that you have early on (and you won’t have a ton of them) and maybe one other favorite card (I personally consider Fry a good early common card to upgrade). Then hold onto your power for when you have unlocked more cards and you know what you’re doing: there’s no point in upgrading cards that you won’t use anyway! So be patient a little bit and play your upgrades smartly!

Always research combos
As you probably know already, there are a ton of possible combinations that you can play in the game, but in order to do so, you will have to research them. You can research two combos at any time and you should make sure you do it at all times. Again, start by researching all possible combinations between rare cards (because these yield better results), and only if you have time focus on the common card combos as well. We’ll make sure to soon write an article about the best card combos in the game so you can research those if you’re lucky enough to have the cards.

And since we’re at the “combos” chapter, it’s extremely important to try to remember the best combos or at least spend time to check them all out before playing them in a game. Most combos give your cards special effect, like armor, counterattack and so on. Therefore, playing them in the right position can change the course of the game: it makes no sense to play armor on your fourth card if the opponent has just two and will never get to attack that card. So make sure that you always know what you’re doing before playing a combo because these are extremely powerful cards!

Replay battles in adventure mode
Each chapter has three stages and you can play each stage three times before getting the maximum number of stars. Each time you win a stage in a chapter, you unlock extra cards that you can be rewarded for winning that stage. It’s extremely important to play those stages over and over again and bag the wins in order to increase your chances of getting those rare and legendary cards in Animation Throwdown.

To increase your chances of winning great rewards even more, tap the old TV set icon and watch an ad: you have higher chances at scoring better loot this way!

How to build the perfect deck
Building a perfect deck in Animation Throwdown seems easier than in other similar games and also a lot more fun. However, there are a ton of cards and even more combos that you can research, so the deck that I have might be impossible for you to reproduce. However, there are a few key factors to consider when building the perfect deck:

– try to keep your best cards in the deck at all times and use them at the right moment in order to win your games
– upgraded cards are better than regular ones, so if you have cards you are 100% you will always have in your deck, max them out to improve their stats
– try to bring in as many cards that you can use to create combos because those super cards will win you the matches. Even more, focus on researching combos with cards that are already in your deck and not in your inventory only
– try to find the perfect balance between bringing in cards with high attack and cards with high health. You need both in order to succeed!
– if you’re having big problems defeating a particular deck, study it and see if you can replicate it.

How to win all your games
Having a perfect deck is not everything if you don’t have at least a bit of strategy. Luck definitely plays a factor in the game, but you can usually turn every game in your favor since the AI doesn’t seem that bright. Here is how to keep winning in Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards:

My strategy is to always start with a card with high health (preferably high damage as well). It’s vital to always have just as many cards as the opponent does, if not more. Next round I will always play a new card and not a combo in order to increase the numbers, then most likely in the third round play a combo on my first card to improve its stats and keep it alive. Afterwards, it’s all about filling the board and playing combos to take out the cards of your opponent and deal damage to the hero.

Always pay attention to the combos you have played and those played by your opponent. Try to plan ahead what cards you’re going to play, where you will place them and what combos will follow next. Placing a card with armor or counterattack as your first card is a great idea, just as it is a good idea to have a healer as soon as possible. In the end, it’s all about being the one who keeps their cards alive for longer than the opponent: as soon as you have the card advantage, you are ready to win. And always remember that you strike first, so there are many occasions in which you can take out an opponent’s card without it dealing any damage.

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for fellow Animation Throwdown players. Do you have extra strategies to share with us? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to check back soon for more advanced guides for this great game.



    • Go to Shop – Card Packs and swipe all the way to the right. The new option appears only if you have 2,000 coins or more (in order to buy multiple packs).

        • Sometimes the games needs to reload a bit. If you have, for example, have $7k to spend, but it only shows $4k as an option, or it’s not there at all, you can do a couple of things:
          1. close and reopen the app, or
          2. buy a $1k pack, close, and the “Buy All” as he says should appear.

          If it still didn’t show up, usually it tells you your deck is full. I think you can have upwards of 90 cards between your deck/inventory.

    • Yes there is. Swipe in the ‘card buy section’ alle the way to the left and at the very right you will notice it. READ before you cry.

  1. The card rewards from adventure battles (when replaying levels) and the hero shard rewards from the arena battles are rare drops, so it’s up to luck whether you get anything other than money, but your chance is increased slightly by watching the ads (tap the TV screen icon).

    • You have a defense card?
      I have none but after reaching a certain level in arena these cards appear in all battles.
      I think these are a way to increase the difficulty, a special ability for the AI players in the arena, not sure a normal player can use them, but I can be wrong, if someone have a better explanation it would be great.

      • These just appeared for me, they’re almost screwing me over because they’re starting with a big defense. This better not be permanent, or we should be able to get these.

        • From what I understand, the defence card is just an automatic card decks are assigned to in the arena after level 6. This to stop the game becoming too easy in Arena mode and level the playing field. If someone was to battle your deck, and they are level 6 in Arena mode, you would be ‘given’ a defense card automatically but you can’t actually use these in the game.

          • Ya defence card is to balance the fact that you always play first, best strategey ive found is to play a card with jason mask first, by the time you kill defence card yyour atack is often high enough to one hit any new card placed i the first colum

    • You have to unlock them first. You have to get the points to unlock each of them. Level 1 is Brian, Level 2 is Stewie and so on. If you win a part of the hero it won’t apply until you have unlocked that level.

    • you dont use tokens.. it adds to the hero you’re playing or others. click your profile pic and change it, if you bought it and it didnt change you may still need more tokens

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  3. Arena is a multiplayer game, right? When I wasn’t playing for 10 mins my opponent still waited for me?
    And what about my 4x increased speed game option, does it affect to opponent in arena?

    • In the arena, you play against real decks of real players, but you are not playing the people themselves, it’s still the AI that plays. So yes, they would wait 10 minutes. :)

      • Luciano has all the answers i have played this game for a long time and he is right with wvery answer lol i know its an old article but still wanted to point out his correctness

      • that’s not completely true you can only have a max of 35 cards in the play deck.
        The max card you can own unless you get the up grade is 100 that is the total of card you can own in the play deck and the side board (the other cards you have but not using in battle).

  4. So I see that when I’m playing the other player can play a card that is already combo’d together. i.e I just played a match where the first card they played was manger babies. And one time they played drunk hank on top of a regular hank. How is this possible?? How can I do it!!

  5. I thought you went to join Elizabeth.

    I don’t think Manger Babies is a combo; I’ve gotten several of them as regular rares.

    Drunk Hank IS a combo, but there are some (very rare, and from what I’ve seen only available from the special “boxes” you need gems to get) cards that are “pre-comboed”. For instance, I have a Mushu card I got from one of the specials. I’ve never seen them played on top of another card (and I cannot even research any combos for mine), so maybe what you saw was just a glitch.

  6. After playing a bit I have a decent deck and have developed a system. I play a high health combo first, high health combo second, then I add the characters to them when their health is almost gone. The goal is the play high damage in the 3rd and 4th position. Having a high damage unblocked to attack your opponent is the quickest way to win.

  7. Defence cards are not available to anyone other than arena opponents and are only meant to balance game play if you haven’t figured out how to keep both research pods occupied then you need to read the tutorials more carefully , if this is your first mobile app and you aren’t sure how to cue in game tutorials then you need to do more research . If you’re upgrading stuff your not using then go to deck and recycle retool and revamp.If you’re not sure what that is your sad and will never get past arena lvl6.

    • Yeah.. It’s them that’s sad.. not the online dork that thinks knowing about apps makes him special.

      Also, its “You’re”.

  8. Im level 11 and have been playing the game a ton. An annoying problem is that when i get a new rare card it takes forever to get all the research i want done. The research island has 4 pods but you only use 2. Will i later unlock the other 2 unused pods ? Does anyone know ?

      • I’ve been playing for so long its ridiculous and I’m sitting at level 28. No they never open up the other pods you will always be stuck with only 2 pods the other 2 are just for show unless the game makers make them open up at a later date in a update.

  9. Another great tip is do the first chapter over & over. Even after it is gold, keep playing. It’s how I got Rupert :)

    Good luck guys.

  10. I’ve been playing the game awhile, and there was always a beer icon when in battle. Since they added the costume icon, I had both of them so my beer and costume cards were both empowered. Suddenly the beer icon disappeared, right after I stacked my deck with mostly beer cards. Anyone know why the icon disappeared? I always thought it had to do with my guild having a beer flag, but suddenly it’s just gone and I’d really like to know why…

  11. what about those extra cards? i have a really good deck im happy with but i have like 90/100 space. not really sure what to keep or delete. i keep costumes and stuff like that but should i basically recycle w/e i cant make combos with my deck? i just dont want to delete anything that could have been good add on to it or something

    • I’m keeping at least 1 of everything for research. I guess is up to you. But I also spent gems upgrading how much I can hold in inventory because of it.

  12. What I want to know is that in adventure or family islands, however you want to call it, my chance pool in completely unlock. After you get and Epic from that, let’s say Stewie or Rupert, do you have a chance to get a repeat if you keep playing the island or is it out of the pool? Thx

    • Yes Linda I play the same 1 for 2-3 days at a time if I’m wanting a certain card to fully fuse etc..if you have it fully unlocked and are lucky enough to get card it will always give you 1 of the top 2 epic cards- eg I got 5 Leilas in 3days by only playing that certain adventure

      • It will not “always” give a top tier card. I admit that I have gotten more epic than rare cards from adventure but you can still get common and rare after gold

    • As you fight the islands it goes from bronze to silver to gold, once you turn it silver it is bronze mastered, depending on how many it says you need 5, 10, 15 or 25 islands all bronze. Same with silver and gold, your quest will change as you beat them.

      • You don’t. What you are researching are “combos”, so if you play the two cards in the combo on top of each other in play over 2 seperate turns, they combine into the combo card.
        For example, let’s say you research “Sports” and “Lois” and get the combo “Boxing Lois”
        Turn 1 – Play Lois
        Turn 2 – Play Sports (on top of the Lois card)
        They combine into Boxing Lois. You can play them in either order – as long as the two cards you researched are combined.

  13. How do you expand your deck for example mine is at 35 how can I make it to where I can hold more than that when I go into battle?

    • I don’t believe you can hold more than 35 cards in your deck unless they bring out a purchase a card inventory upgrade no doubt will be for gems though lol but to be honest I think 35 cards should be more than enough for you to use even though I had the option to use 35 in my deck I didn’t immediately fill it up I only add a card once I’ve researched a few combos for it once I’ve researched around 3 I add it to my deck

  14. So far my favorite card I have is a level *5 Angry Bullock. Actually have two of these which at this time I refuse to fuse. It’s really strong card and by not fusing them, it doubles my chance of being able to play one. That card if you have it, or one with similar attributes. That is always my starter card. It has the benefit I’m having really high health, as well as the ability to gain hit points every time it hits. I think mine starts with 11 hit points, and after my first hit it raises to 20, every time it plays it raises the hit points of that card by 9. If you can acquire that card or one with similar attributes, they are the perfect card to start the round with.


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