Some cards in Animation Throwdown, usually the combo cards, and rare ones, will have one or more skills that they will use in the game. There are currently 19 skills in the game and I am here to share a complete guide to them in the table below, a guide that is easy to follow and will help you better understand the skills and their advantages or offer you a quick go-to place in case you need to find out what a skill does and do it fast.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below Touch, Tap, Play’s Animation Throwdown guide to skills and the effect they have in the game!

Skills are extremely important when deciding the strategy you will use in each game and knowing what each one does by simply seeing the icon on the card can help a lot. Remember that each skill has a number near it, indicating the amount of its effect. For example, if there’s a 2 near the Boost icon, it means that the card will get +2 attack each time you play a combo.

Also, there is an extra symbol that can sometimes appear on some cards. That’s a star symbol and it means that the skills of that particular card will only apply to cards from the same show. For example, if there is a card with a star symbol from the Family Guy TV series and it also has a Heal icon, it will only heal cards from the Family Guy show.

Now that you know how the skills work in the game, it’s time to actually check them out. We have a list below of all the skills in the game and you can check it out for quickly learning about all the in-game skills in Animation Throwdown – The Quest For Cards!

Crazed – Gets extra attack after dealing damage.

Recover – When you play a combo it gets + maximum health (based on the number shown near the icon)

Bomb – Deals damage to enemies adjacent to the one it attacks.

Cripple – Reduces attack of a random enemy unit for a turn.

Cripple All – Reduces attack of all enemy units for a turn.

Punch – Deals damage to a random enemy card.

Payback – Any card attacking it will receive the indicated amount of damage.

Boost – When you play a combo, this card gets +Attack based on the number

Cheer – Increases attack of a random friendly unit for a turn.

Cheer All – Increase attack of all friendly units for a turn.

Shield – Prevents a friendly card to be dealt damage.

Shield All – Prevents all friendly cards to be dealt damage.

Leech – After attacking, the card gains health.

Jab – Reduces effects that prevent damage when attacking.

Sturdy – Blocks indicated number of damage when attacked.

Heal – Restores health to a damaged card.

Heal All – Restore health to all damaged cards.

Gas – After attacking a card, it will take extra damage each turn.

Motivate – Cards to the left and right of this get extra attack.

And these are the 19 skills that cards can have in the game! It’s good to know how skills work and what each does in order to be better to take advantage of these skills and get the most out of them in battle!


  1. Thanks for the list. Although i didn’t find what i was looking for… neither here, nor in any other site. If you go to your deck and tap on “Filter”, you will see all the different attributes that a card can have. On the “Skill” section though, there are a couple skills that we still haven’t seen: 1) The capital “Z”, 2) An “Alarm Clock”.

    I guess that they are there because they will be introduced in the future.


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