Stinkin’ Joe Garbage is a brand new boss in Amateur Surgeon 4 and one really challenging dude! I had to go through the surgery multiple times in order to get the right partner and be able to complete it in time, but I did it in the end. And I am here to share with you what has to be done to ace the surgery as well! So prepare for the complete Amateur Surgeon 4 Stinkin’ Joe Garbage walkthrough guide!

This is a very difficult patient and you must bring a partner in to play the mission. I only had one of the three recommended ones available and I found the choice strange to say the least. I first went with Ted Rando, which is a horrible partner for Sinkin’ Joe as you don’t need extra cuts! I don’t know about the others, but I had more success with my own partners. We’ll find everything about them in our Amateur Surgeon 4 Stinkin’ Joe Garbage guide to get three stars, then the 4th and the 5th!


Before starting: Selecting the right partner for the job will save you a lot of time and headaches. I personally recommend going in with Mr. Giblets or Dr. Rippov as they both help a ton with dealing with the cuts (either by applying gel or giving you much needed time). Either way, this will still be a race against the clock!

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Amateur Surgeon 4: Stinkin’ Joe Garbage Guide

1. We’re starting fairly easy. Use the stapler on the cuts, then the lighter and healing gel. Don’t use Mr. Giblets now if you choose him as your partner!

2. Make the cut and go inside. You will see cuts which start appearing out of nowhere. Every 3-4 cuts, a worm-like creature will appear. Make sure you have the battery selected and zap the worm right away. You have to do this three times. While waiting, to win some time, you can use the lighter to cauterize a few cuts, but make sure you don’t miss the worm. An anti-bug partner might destroy him sooner. If you have Mr Giblets, make sure to use him to apply the gel.


3. Stitch the new cuts with the stapler, the lighter & gel. Make the new cut, then cut again with the Pizza Cutter.

4. We’re going to have to deal with the worm once more. Now he takes a bit more time to show its ugly face. Wait and cauterize the cuts while the makes them, then quickly select the battery and zap it when it appears.

5. When it disappears, you can make a cut in the indicated area below (you would normally have to use the scanner to find it, but it will always be in the same place). Use the pizza cutter to slice it and then the Tongs to drag the worm out. Staple the wounds, use the lighter on them and add the gel.


6. Work your way back by using the stapler and lighter/gel combo. You’re done, but you have to be quick!

This is our guide for Amateur Surgeon 4: Stinkin’ Joe Garbage, a really challenging boss level in the game. But now that you know all the details, you can easily tackle it and complete it for the maximum number of stars. Good luck!



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