Jack Ratchet is a “boss” patient in Amateur Surgeon 4, one that opens up only after we have collected a total of 110 stars in the game. He unlocks right after the first level, but don’t be fooled by that as he’s a really difficult one to master. But I am here to help you with a complete Amateur Surgeon 4 walkthrough for Jack Ratchett, aka the first star-based unlock in the game.

He’s a tough guy hit by a tough rock, so you will need the right Partner to help you get the job done quickly. It’s difficult without a good partner, but not impossible so read on our Amateur Surgeon 4 Jack Ratchett guide for this unlockable level and you’ll have it completed in no time!

Before you start: As I said, you will need a good partner to increase your chances of getting the three stars here. I had Stat Zappum unlocked and it proved to be extremely useful with his heart rate boost. So any character with a heart rate boost would be a great addition, while you could also get some useful help from a vacuum-type of partner or a chainsaw replacing one (like Katie Cutter).

Amateur Surgeon 4 Jack Ratchett Guide

1. Use the chainsaw to cut the rocks away, then remove them with the Tongs.

2. Remove the feathers under the rock with the Tongs, then use the Pizza cutter and slice the guy open where the orange line is.

3. Poor birdie! First, remove the feathers using the Tongs. Then, cut the indicated area with the Pizza Cutter:


4. Use the chainsaw to cut the heart away. Remove it with the tongs, put the new one in place, use the lighter and Healing Gel. Finally, use the Stapler and the lighter and gel again to heal the bird.

5. Back to our friend Jack. Use the Stapler, lighter and gel on that cut!

6. Make a new cut in the upper area. It’s time to fix some vertebrae! Use the tongs to remove the ones on the left, starting with the top one, then the ones on the right, also starting with the top one. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the heart rate and use your partners where they are most useful!


7. After removing them, place the mechanism using the tongs. Use the lighter, then the gel to glue it in place. Attach the new mechanism and again use the lighter and gel:


8. Deal with the cut, then make a new one in the area below, using the Pizza cutter.

9. This area’s even messier:


Use the chainsaw to cut the rock away, then remove the bits with the Tongs. Remove the vertebrae as well, then use the vacuum to clean everything up. Finally, attach the new pieces of equipment using the Tongs and then the lighter / healing gel combo.

10. Deal with the final cut using the Stapler, then lighter and gel. Phew! We’re done!

This is a lengthy level with many challenges. Now that you know exactly what to expect and what the challenges are, things should be a lot easier. So choose the right partner, be as fast as possible (or better said as fast as the tools you use allow you) and you will three-star this without a problem, then you’ll be able to go for the extra two stars.

I hope you found our guide for the Jack Ratchett level in Amateur Surgeon 4 Re-Generations useful. If you did, make sure to check back soon as we’ll have more walkthroughs published on the website!


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