After two extremely difficult levels in Amateur Surgeon 4, Killa Bee Killed and Tengu Downe, the game has some slightly easier challenges for us for levels 35 and 36. And I am here to make things even easier for you by sharing a complete guide to the Amateur Surgeon 4 Officer Hack Brutality, as well as the Vince Petroleum level. These are, in case you keep counting, levels 35 and 36 of the game.

These are both pretty basic levels that you can easily three star without the need to use Partners. I highly recommend you to do it without them, actually and save those important fellows for more difficult levels!

Now these being said, let’s check out below our Amateur Surgeon 4 Walkthrough guide to Officer Hack Brutality & Vince Petroleum so that you can easily complete both stages with maximum points!

Amateur Surgeon 4: Officer Hack Brutality Guide

1. Cut with the pizza cutter. The most difficult area of the level starts and you have it pictured and solved below:


2. As you can see, you will have three hidden items for the tongs, which can be found with the scanner. They’re always in the same positions, though, so you can cut directly as you see them in the image above.

3. Cut with the pizza cutter each of the gray areas: cut two or three times, in an X form, in order to let the poison out. Quickly use the vacuum to remove the poison.

4. After removing the items with the tongs, use the stapler, then the lighter on all cuts. Then add the healing gel.

5. Use the stapler with the wound and cut the new area.

6. Cut again, then use the chainsaw for the Handcuffs. Remove them with the tongs, then keep stapling the wounds until you’re done! This is a very easy level where time might be a problem, so make sure you move fast!

Amateur Surgeon 4: Officer Vince Petroleum Guide


1. We’ll have to do with a lot of cuts in this level. Use the stapler for them, the use the lighter: start with the minor cuts, then with the larger ones. The larger cuts will always catch fire, so use the vacuum on them. Apply healing gel afterwards.


2. Cut the indicated area and staple the large cuts on the lungs. Use the lighter on the small cuts first, then the large ones, vacuum & gel.

3. Do the same with the heart and you are done! If you ever find your patient running low on heart rate, don’t hesitate to use the green syringe!

And this would be our guide for two more levels in the game. Two really simple levels that come like a breath of fresh air after the difficult ones we have just completed. Stay tuned with Touch Tap Play as we’ll have even more walkthrough guides for you coming soon!


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