It seems that Killa Bee Killed patient in Amateur Surgeon 4 Re-Generations started the trend of really difficult patients in the game. The next one at level 34 is Tengu Downe, a bird-like patient that will cause a lot of trouble and will prove really difficult to master. But I am here with a complete Amateur Surgeon 4 guide to Tengu Downe – level 34 – where you will learn everything you have to do to get three stars in this level. And then, of course, easily grab the 4th and 5th star.

As I said, it won’t be easy and you might have to practice a little bit with him, so be prepared. And read our Amateur Surgeon 4 Tengu Downe walkthrough guide to know exactly what you have to do to master this level.

Before you start: With a bit of practice, you can easily get three stars for this level. But if you want to make everything easier, you can choose a partner that helps with the most difficult task: chainsawing. So if you have Brick ‘the drill’ McGill, your life will be a lot easier in this level!

Amateur Surgeon 4 Tengu Downe Guide

1. You start everything fairly easy: use the tongs to remove the things on the fingers, then apply the claws. Do the same for both hands:


2. Cut with the pizza cutter and simply drag the item with the tongs to the cut. Then, make a new cut and you’ll get into a new area of your patient’s body

3. Use the chainsaw to cut the veins, then add Clamps to the left vein at the bottom and right one at the top as seen in the image below:


Then use the tongs to add the mechanism near the veins and use lighter & gel to fix it. Finally, use the stapler and lighter, then gel to deal with the cut.

4. Using the tongs, place the wings in the engine-looking thing:


5. Now the “fun” part starts. Cut the nose with the pizza cutter.


6. Use the chainsaw (or partner) to cut the green things. They contain poison, so my suggestion would be to cut 2-3 at a time, then use the vacuum to suck the poison. Make sure you keep an eye on the heart rate and use the green syringe if needed. Cut the remaining green things with the chainsaw, then clean everything up.

7. Finally, take care of the cut and using the tongs, attach the new nose to our birdy friend.

This is indeed a difficult level where you have to be both patient and fast. Keep an eye on the heart rate when dealing with the poison, be careful with the chainsaw and you can master this level even without the help of a partner. Several replays might be needed so that you know what you’re doing, but you will get this done eventually!

I really hope that our guide to the Amateur Surgeon 4 Re-Generations Tengu Downe level was useful. Don’t forget to check back soon for more guides to more difficult levels!


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