Killa Bee Killed is the 33rd patient you have to cure in Amateur Surgeon 4 Re-Generations and the first huge challenge in the game. I remember that I had to replay the level a few times just to complete it! But once you know what you have to do, you can easily get the three stars, then quickly add the Partner bonus star and the Sudden Death star. And I am here to share with you everything you need to do to achieve this: our Amateur Surgeon 4 Killa Bee Killed guide / walkthrough is here! If you’re looking for level numbers, this is level 33.

So let’s not waste any seconds and let’s see what you have to do to complete this difficult level. Let’s start our Killa Bee Killed Amateur Surgeon 4 walkthrough guide!

Before starting: You MUST select a Partner in order to play this level. The game suggests Boomin’ Bessie and that’s who I used for this walkthrough, but I think a much better partner would be one that can vacuum stuff (like The Absorb-o-Tron). One that sucks poison would also be a good choice. If you have none, go at least for one that increases heart rate. But ideal is, in my opinion, a vacuum-partner. Read our guide to partners here.

Amateur Surgeon 4 Killa Bee Killed Guide

1. First, we’ll have an easy challenge: cut the ropes holding the bees then use the battery on the (or the partner’s special). Remove the bee heads, use the red syringe to remove the poison, use the lighter on the minor wound then apply healing gel everywhere:


2. A new hand where you will have to do basically the same thing that you did before, but without the partner’s help. Pretty simple so far!

3. Use the battery on the Bees, then quickly use the vacuum to remove the small dots of poison. Use the red syringe, then remove the heads of the bees and apply healing gel. Even if the heart rate is high, use the green syringe once because you will need that! Cut the left area:


4. Use your partner again – either for destroying the bees, or destroy them with the battery and quickly use your suction partner. In this area, the heart rate will drop significantly so depending on what partner you have with you, you will have to use the green syringe a couple of times. Quickly use the vacuum first after destroying the bees, then the red syringes. The order is very important to keep your patient alive! Keep an eye on health and use the green syringe as needed. Then use the tongs to remove the bees, and the ninja stars. Use the Stapler, fire & gel, then the vacuum again for any blood bits.


5. Another difficult stage. Destroy the bees and quickly vacuum everything. Use the red syringe and keep an eye on the health: normally, you should only have to use it once. Remove the bee heads with the tongs, then use the chainsaw to cut the liver.


Replace it, use the fire and gel then get the pizza cutter and use it on the green stuff: you have to cut twice (or even three times) on each green stuff to get the puss out. Cut in the shape of a cross then use the vacuum to clean the debris. Finally, use the lighter and healing gel on the new wounds.


6. Use the stapler, fire & gel and you’re done.

This is indeed a very difficult level, but you know now what you have to do to complete it quickly and easily. Try to be as fast as possible and remember that choosing the right partner matters a lot!

Stay tuned with Touch Tap Play as we’ll post more guides to the difficult in-game levels soon!



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