There are 32 partners in Amateur Surgeon Regenerations (aka Amateur Surgeon 4) and some are extremely helpful. Some are not and I am here to share with you a complete guide to the Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations Partners: how to get more and how each of them works, so you know exactly which is best suited for the job you want to get done.

There are a few partners in the game that I would consider universally useful (like Professor Rippov, for example) but each is helpful one way or another. And with so many available in the game, you surely want to find out more about them. So let’s do that by checking out our guide to the Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations partners and some tips on how to unlock them all!

Amateur Surgeon 4 Partners: How to get them

You will get Partners by unlocking them in the Re-Generator. You will need premium currency (diamonds) in order to do that and the card draws that you get are completely random. However, Adult Swim rewards you with a nice amount of diamonds for free so that you can easily open a few packs after a bit of play time.

As a golden rule of thumb, always get the 5 pack of Partners from the store because it guarantees at least a rare and gives you more partners for the money. You can get more partners from the store via special offers and by purchasing diamonds directly (make sure to take advantage of the sweet bonuses that the game offers). You can also get more diamonds by completing stages in the special events or completing missions and logging in daily.

Guide to all the Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations Partners

Max Chaos

Surgery Power: Embrace the Chaos (Max’s magic powers transmogrify each injury into… something else).
What he does: He automatically casts a “spell” while you are in surgery, doing usually a lot more harm. He transforms all injuries into other types on injuries, but also gives rewards in terms of diamonds and coins. I personally consider him less useful because of its randomness
When to use: Use him in early levels or those levels that you can easily complete. Use him for the rewards he gives you (so go for longer surgeries) but make sure that you can complete the surgeries, otherwise all the rewards that he gives you are lost.

Mr Giblets

Surgery Power: Lick of Life (Giblets’ surgically enhanced tongue applies Pain Away Gel to everything it touches)
What it does: Not 100% sure about this, but it appears that he acts as an universal gel for your patients. You have to tag him to activate.
When to use: In those stages where there are a ton of minor cuts or where you have to use the healing gel often. Tag him after you have used the lighter and he heals everything!

Professor Rippov

Surgery Power: Doctor, When? (Tag the Professor to delay the surgery timer)
What he does: Pretty self-explanatory. It gives you some extra time if it’s running out. Can be used multiple times per surgery.
When to use: He is one of my favorite guys for the Special Events and I always take him with me. Reaching the later stages would be really difficult without using him over and over again. He’s great for those moments, but also for very difficult missions that you’re having trouble completing in time.

Agent Ted Rando

Surgery Power: Risky Business (This cuddly saboteur gives you an extra chance to find a Bleed Diamond… or just slash up the patient)
What he does: He basically adds extra wounds to the patients, but there is an increased chance that the new ones will hold a Diamond for you. Not 100% sure, but he might give coins as well.
When to use: Only in levels that you have completed and mastered. Longer stages are preferred, so that you can get his auto-triggering boost to activate multiple times. He can prove to be a good source of extra Diamonds, but make sure that you complete the level otherwise you lose everything you have collected!

Boomin’ Bessie

Surgery Power: Critter Buster (Tag Bessie to blast the holy heck out of every creature in sight)
What she does: As the description says, she uses her shotgun and destroys all critters on screen.
When to use: Get her when you have levels with multiple small (or large) critters. She is extremely helpful!

Filthy Nowe

Surgery Power: MY SHINY! (Filthy’s power can help you find valuables… inside patients’ bodies)
What he does: Apparently, he will earn you some coins every time you tag him in surgeries. You might have to use the scanner afterwards.
When to use: Again, use him in levels you have mastered and which you are sure you can beat again. Consider him as one source of extra income and not really a partner in… healing!

Barbara Ho-Tep

Surgery Power: Scarab Sweep (Quickly sweep away some debris without the need of a vacuum)
What she does: She’s the first partner you unlock through gameplay (at least she was mine) and she acts as a major vacuum cleaner, cleaning all debris (blood, fires etc) that a vacuum would. But she still misses some spots.
When to use: When you have difficult stages that involve the use of the vacuum a lot.

Stoolie O’Toole

Surgery Power: E.S.P. (Psychically highlights all injuries – even hidden ones)
What he does: As the description says, he is great at showing you hard to see otherwise injuries.
When to use: In levels where you have to use the scanner a lot as he can save you a ton of time revealing all those hidden injuries!

The Absorb-o-Tron

Surgery Power: Woolen Fury (This cyber-sheep can swiftly mop up liquids and some other sticky substances)
What it does: Similar to Barbara Ho-Tep, she removes poison and other dangerous chemicals that you would normally remove with the Syringe
When to use: In levels where you would normally have to use the Syringe a lot.

I.C. Weiner

Surgery Power: Nicht So Schnell! (Tag this glacial genius to temporarily bring creatures to a standstill.
What he does: Freezes all critters for a very short time.
When to use: In levels with a lot of critters, when Boomin Bessie is not available. Have in mind that he only freezes the critters for a very short amount of time and you should use the batter on them as soon as you tap him (so don’t wait until he disappears from the screen as it might be too late)

Stat Zappum

Surgery Power: Electric Boogaloo (The nervous nurse administers an electric shock to boost a patient’s heart rate.
What he does: As the description says, he gives a huge boost to the heart rate of any patient.
When to use: In very difficult levels where the heart rate might be a problem (levels where you have to use the chainsaw or where you have many large wounds).

Katie Cutter

Surgery Power: Pint-Sized Slasher (Katie can help by automatically completing all chainsaw cuts)
What she does: Exactly as the description says, she acts as an instant chainsaw machine.
When to use: In those very difficult missions where you have to use the chainsaw. Especially useful in Sudden Death missions where the Chainsaw is required!

UPDATE: The second part of the guide with the remaining partners has been published here.

This would be our first part of the guide to the Partners in Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations aka Amateur Surgeon 4. We’ll publish the rest of the partners and a complete guide to each of them shortly, so remember to check back soon! In the meantime, you can check our general tips and tricks for the game.


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