We’re back with our complete guide to the Amateur Surgeon 4 partners and in this article we’re going to talk about the remaining partners in the game. Don’t forget to check out our first article to find out some valuable tips and tricks about the Amateur Surgeon 4 partners, as well as info regarding 12 of them.

But fortunately the game has a lot more for us, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the complete guide to all the Amateur Surgeon 4 partners below!


Amateur Surgeon 4 Re-Generations Partners Guide II

Procrastibot 3000
Surgery Power: Freeze, Sucka! (Procrastibot can extend the surgery timer for you. Smooth)
What it does: Jut like Professor Rippov, this robot can give you extra time to complete a surgery
When to use: Ideal for limited events because that’s when you need extra time, you should also tag him in whenever you’re dealing with a difficult surgery – one where time is always a problem for you.

Gargonax Suckoluxx
Surgery Power: Cosmic Collector (Tag this Unidentified Freakin’ Oddball to suck up fires, blood and small debris)
What it does: It’s an advanced “cleaner” who can clean a lot more than Barbara Ho-tep.
When to use: Whenever you’re dealing with a level where debris can become a problem.

Nurse Luci
Surgery Power: Dark Temptation (Totally heals all cuts without the need for staples, fire or a healing hel.
What she does: As the description says, she heals all cuts, major or minor. Extremely useful!
When to use: Whenever dealing with patients that have a lot of cuts. She can prove extremely useful in many limited events, even though I’d still go with time bonus partners there.

Robot Unicorn Rainbow
Surgery Power: Rainbow Saviour (Get a big health and score boost, and erase your patients’ flesh wounds without gel, fire or staples.
What it does: Just as the description says, it’s a big score & health booster and also cures a lot of flesh wounds.
When to use: When you have very difficult surgeries, or when you want to get that top score for the 3rd star in a difficult mission.

Robot Unicorn Inferno
Surgery Power: Dash of Death (Score massive points while crushing creatures and smashing through bones… like a chainsaw from hell!)
What it does: It destroys creatures on the patient, but also causes a lot of additional damage
When to use: Use with care, although in most cases the damage it does is less than what would take you to destroy the creatures. Obvious choice for those levels where you have to deal with a ton of critters.

Lord Meowington
Surgery Power: Fire Retardant Feline (This speedy little kitty can quickly extinguish fires and pick up some debris)
What it does: As the description says, it take out fires and debris
When to use: She’s better at taking out fires than debris, so choose her for levels where you expect a lot of fires. If nobody else is available, the cat can be used in levels with heavy debris as well!

Surgery Power: Bunch of Suckers (This cute little mutant can help you deal with infected boils and pools of poison)
What it does: It removes poison (quickly) from the patient.
When to use: This is an extremely useful patient as poison is one of the biggest heart rate droppers in the game. Use it when you have levels where you expect a lot of poison.

Lady Saturday
Surgery Power: Loa Your Expectations (This voodoo child can boost a patient’s heart rate. Most effective when patient is nearly dead)
What it does: As the description says, it offers a heart rate boost, one that’s bigger when the patient’s hear rate is low.
When to use: Extremely useful in very difficult cases with patients with low heart rate.

Reverend Robot Apocalypse
Surgery Power: Extraction Satisfaction (Use the Reverend’s electromagnetic doohickey to remove wedged-in objects)
What he does: Helps you extract all objects that are inserted in patients’ bodies.
When to use: In levels where you know you have to deal with a lot of items that you have to remove using the tongs.

Officer Brutality
Surgery Power: Extreme Force (Brutally bashes creatures into submission with his nightstick. You might need to clean up after him though)
What he does: He deals with creatures and critters fast and easy
When to use: When you have to complete a level that involves destroying a lot of creatures / critters.

Crumpet Murphy
Surgery Power: Janitor-Jitsu (Activate Crumpet’s power to rack up points quicker)
What he does: Gives you a point-boost
When to use: In those levels that you find it difficult to get the required score for 3 stars, or whenever you want a super high score for a nice coin reward.

Flow Master
Surgery Power: Kung-Flow (Tag the Master after missing with a tool to restore your score multiplier
What he does: Restores the score multiplier if you miss with a tool
When to use: One of the least useful Partners in my opinion, use him whenever you are dealing with jumping critters (since that’s most likely when you will miss a lot) or whenever nobody else is available.

Cecil Blowhard
Surgery Power: I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff (Cecil’s mighty lungs help to snuff out flames)
What he does: He can easily put out fires
When to use: When you’re dealing with levels where you expect a lot of fires.

Mister Caruthers
Surgery Power: Reptilian Fourmand (This distinguished lizard has a taste for bugs, frogs and other creatures)
What it does: Destroys critters and other small animals.
When to use: When you’re dealing with patients that challenge you with a ton of critters.

Chad Burnem
Surgery Power: Suburban Napalm (This fire hazard cauterizes wounds and melts ice)
What he does: As the description says, he’s great at cauterizing wounds and/or melting ice
When to use: When you’re dealing with patients who have a lot of cuts or levels with a lot of ice that has to be melted

Iron Wang
Surgery Power: Irons of Unbearable Temperature (A furious flurry of searing hot irons to cauterize wounds and melt any ice)
What he does: Like Chad above, he’s great at cauterizing wounds and/or melting ice.
When to use: When you’re dealing with patients who have a lot of cuts or levels with a lot of ice that has to be melted

T.B. Lancet
Surgery Power: Sterile Riposte (Lancet’s hypodermic sabre makes quick work of boils and poison pools
What he does: He quickly removes poison on patients’ bodies
When to use: In levels where you know you will have to deal with a lot of poison

Brick ‘the drill” McGill
Surgery Power: Pneumatic Mayhem (Tag Brick to quickly destroy pesky cement blobs (or similar tough stuff)
What he does: Removes cement blocks or other blockers that require the use of the Chainsaw (but does not cut organs)
When to use: In levels when you have to deal with a lot of items that require breaking with a chainsaw.

Flicky ‘John’ Flick
Surgery Power: Diddle for the Middle (Tag Flicky and you’ll be temporarily unable to miss with your tools. Woo!
What he does: He removes all and any miss penalty with any type of tool
When to use: He’s good for difficult Sudden Death missions where you can’t afford to miss

The Polymorph
Surgery Power: ??? (This strange creature capture will change into a different partner at the start of each surgery)
What it does: As the description says, it will change into a random partner each time you use it.
When to use: Never. Or when you really have nothing better to do than go for all the randomness it brings.

So these would be all the partners in the game and all the details you need to know about them. I hope you will find our guide useful. If you do (or even if you don’t) – remember to check back often with us as we’ll be here with more guides for Amateur Surgeon 4 soon!



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