Adult Swim has decided to offer all gamers an amazing surprise and released Amateur Surgeon 4 on the App Store today. The amazing game follows in the footsteps of the previous games and delivers an amazing gameplay experience. And with the new version of the game, we also have a ton more characters to perform on and they’re zanier than ever. Titled Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations, this is a game you will play over and over again! And we’re here to help make the experience better by sharing some Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations cheats and tips aka Amateur Surgeon 4 cheats and tips.

We’ll help you understand how the game works better, share with you winning tips and strategies and help you get those three stars in each surgery without a problem. Then the fourth. Then the fifth. So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations cheats and tips for Amateur Surgeon 4!

1. Speed is extremely important
Even though all surgeries have a timer that makes things a lot more complicated and puts a ton of pressure on you, using most of the tools fast is not a good idea. So practice, learn and remember which should be used slowly and which can be used fast. The chainsaw and syringes are the main ones that you should go really slow with, while the others have to be practiced in order for you to reach optimum speed with.

2. Be smart with your diamonds
Partners are insanely useful and you won’t be able to get the fifth star in many levels unless you have the right partner, which means that you should be very careful with your diamond purchases and only spend diamonds for getting Partners (unless you pay and buy a ton of them). The game rewards you with a bunch of diamonds for free for completing missions, from in-game surgeries or logging in daily, so make sure that you slowly get to 50 diamonds and only purchase the 5-pack from the Re-Generator. This guarantees a rare and gives you more for your money.

3. Always invest your coins in tools
It goes without saying that upgrading your tools is vital in order to get the most out of your surgeries. Upgrading tools in Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations is a lengthy process, though and it takes time and coins. Always buy tools when you have the money (you can get 3 at a time) and always level up the tools that you can. It’s all random, but you can’t be too picky. So the process is: spend 1,000 coins for tool packs until you get the option to level up a tool, then raise the money required for that and level it up, then spend your coins for more tools. Rinse and repeat and you’ll do amazing!

4. Learn how the tools have to be used one after the other
Some are easy to learn – like using the Gel after the Lighter, but some are not explained when you play. I am talking about using the Tongs after the Chainsaw (you will always have to do that) and using the Scanner when there’s nothing obvious on the screen, followed by the cutter when you find what you’re looking for.

5. You can still operate while the partner does their job
An important thing to know that saves you a few precious seconds is that you can still perform other tasks while your partner works their magic on the patient. So don’t wait until the last second to tag them in: do so when you still have something to do!

6. Pick the right partner for your surgery
And don’t forget to actually tag them in (I did that a couple of times and it was just a waste of partners). Know what each partner does during the surgery and also know what the surgery is all about. In other words, never pick a partner for a surgery that you haven’t gone through at least once because they might prove useless. So always know what your partner does, bring them in if they can help you get a better score and don’t forget to tag them in!

7. How to destroy critters
Once you start getting those in your game, things get a lot more complicated. Be patient with most of them and be careful not to miss, then use the battery for the small ones or a combination of battery to freeze them then Chainsaw to destroy them afterwards.

8. Replay completed surgeries over and over again
I usually go through 2-3 or even more surgeries in a row and don’t care too much about the number of stars I get. After this process, I replay the oldest surgeries that I wasn’t able to 3-star and play it a couple of times trying to master it. If I can’t do it, I play a couple more new surgeries and so on.

The idea here is to raise money from completing surgeries in order to get more tools and upgrades for them. This is extremely important, because upgraded tools will make surgeries a lot easier, so those that you are unable to thre-star at some point will get easier as your tools get better.

You can also replay quick surgeries that you have mastered already in order to get coins which will then be used for purchasing upgrades. And don’t forget to go for a sudden death mission only when you are extremely familiar with the surgery you’re performing: complete it a couple of times before attempting the sudden death and make sure you have a partner ready if you have a useful one available!

9. Optimize your time and patient’s heart rate
Getting things done quickly is only part of the problem in Amateur Surgeon 4. Getting them done in the right order is also extremely important. Always start with the largest injuries because they drain the most life from your patient. Always optimize your time by using the same tool until it’s no longer needed (so don’t use the lighter, then the gel, then the lighter for a new wound, then the gel and so on.

Use the lighter on all cuts, then the gel on all cuts and so on). Use the green syringe only when needed, because that consumes precious seconds too (and make sure you make it count when you do, so don’t go too fast). Learn to optimize your time and know what you have to do and you will get amazing scores each time you play!

10. Master the tools
Some of the tools are more difficult to use and master than the others. The artery clamps are one of those annoying items, so my suggestion would be to replay a mission that requires using them over and over again until you are 100% familiar with how to use them. You can also do the same for any other tool you are not fully comfortable with until you know exactly how they work. Once you do, your scores will improve a lot!

These would be for now our generic tips and tricks for Amateur Surgeon Re-Generations aka Amateur Surgeon 4. We’ll have some more in-depth guides for you soon, so don’t forget to check back often if you need more help!


    • Does it have a star with a number in it? You need to have that many stars to be able to unlock it if you do. Try sudden death mode (red star), special partner (blue star) or having to get all 3 gold stars from previous levels


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