Home Gaming Will Pokemon Indigo Disk Be More Difficult Than Teal Mask?

Will Pokemon Indigo Disk Be More Difficult Than Teal Mask?

Will Pokemon Indigo Disk Be More Difficult Than Teal Mask?
Credit to the Pokemon Company
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Everybody has their opinions when it comes to the issue of Pokemon where according to some, they find the games too simple and handholding. There needs to be a harmony where older and young players can all enjoy the games. With its new mechanics, could the DLC fix this issue?

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The Story So Far…

From what it seems like so far, the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero seems like an answer to what people have been asking for. Teal Mask’s story was very dark, and you can’t play it unless you’ve made at least a little bit of progress in the main game. The Pokemon and the trainers in it are higher leveled, so it’s really best enjoyed when you’ve beaten the elite four. The last boss is basically a fight with a terastallized Pokemon that has four bars of health, one coming after the other. It changes types too, making the battle with the elite four leader look like a cakewalk. It’s the first true and painful challenge of the games, setting what will likely be even more intense fights in Indigo Disk.

battling a rockruff in pokemon teal mask dlc
Credit to the Pokemon Company

The Expected Intensity Of Indigo Disk

The Indigo Disk is set at a school where battles are a huge focus and you’re going to be put up with the best of the best. There’s a new elite four group, new moves, and the reintroduction of double battles. Based on this, it sounds like it could get a difficulty spike, one that was set up in Teal Mask. The story is expected to be unforgettable too, especially if the ending of Teal Mask is anything to go by. Since you have to finish the entirety of Teal Mask to play Indigo Disk, that is likely a sign that there’s a big difficulty spike and by doing them in order, you won’t be thrown to the wolves right away. The story will make more sense too. Think of it as like, when you play a gacha game but certain in-game events with spoilers or difficulty out of your range are locked to you. All in all, this is proof that Gamefreak is finally starting to find a middle ground for their games, a precedent that will hopefully continue in any future titles.

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Will Pokemon Indigo Disk Be More Difficult Than Teal Mask?