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How To Get Neve In The Nikke Neverland Event

How To Get Neve In The Nikke Neverland Event
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Gacha players know that it’s the worst feeling when you are a completionist and you missed out on a free character from an event. Luckily, the owners of Goddess of Victory: Nikke are generous people who are giving you the chance to get a character from last year’s holiday event.

How To Use Neve In Goddess Of Victory Nikke

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Neve is a member of the Unlimited Squad, the group led by Ludmilla who lives on the surface to look out for lost Nikkes. Alongside them is the adorable Alice, named of course after the famous story character.

Never is an SR character that works a lot like Alice in terms of being good at boss fights. She’s also good because you can get all of the copies of her, which is something that can be hard to do with SSRs. If you can limit break them, that’s always the better option.

Where To Purchase Neve

Never from Nikke
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All you have to do to get Neve is purchase all three copies of her in the Neverland event shop with the milk currency. Each one costs 800 cold milks, so you’ll need about 2400 in total. You can earn currency by doing the chapters. Nikke’s events are really simple compared to other games because it’s essentially just following and finishing a visual novel, there’s no hours of grinding, nothing to collect in droves, it’s very straightforward. By just doing that, you’ll be able to redeem mission goals that give you lots of cold milks.

How To Optimize Your Earn Rate

Story characters in Nikke
Credit to Shift Up

For extra rewards, use the story characters in the chapters. You can spot these in your party by looking for the percentage over their head.

If you finish the story early, you can redeem the hot spring baskets to redo certain chapters all at once and earn from that as well. Once you have enough cold milks, simply go to the shop and purchase all the Neve copies. Since Neve is an SR, you can level her up instead of putting her in the synchro machine.

There’s only a week left to finish, so start the event now if you haven’t yet!

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How To Get Neve In The Nikke Neverland Event