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Best Healers in Goddess of Victory Nikke

Best Healers in Goddess of Victory Nikke
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In a game like Nikke where you’re fighting dangerous alien robots, having someone to recover your allies is very important. There are a few who specialize in this, with the one you get depending on the gacha. All have their strengths and weaknesses of course, but who is truly the best?

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the pilgrim rapunzel from nikke
Credit to Shift Up

Pilgrim characters are rare, but there’s still a chance you could be surprised by Rapunzel. This beautiful lady does it all; she can heal, she can damage, and she can even revive characters. With her first skill, she’ll fix three of the weakest Nikkes on your team. She’s great for later-game bosses, interception battles, and challenge content.


Mary from Nikke
Credit to Shift Up

Mary is a doctor in the Ark that looks after both humans and Nikkes. She’s sweet and comforting, but if she catches you not washing your hands, you’re done for. Her powers allow her to boost your team’s defense as long as their HP isn’t low. Because of this, she works best for short-form battles.


Marciana from Nikke
Credit to Shift Up

Marciana is a good in-between healer who’s perfect for early-game content. While not the strongest, she does have her place in the world of healers. What she does with her skills is that she takes some damage and brings it back in the form of adding it to the HP bar. Besides that, she also has an AOE skill that aids in restoring health for everyone in the squad.


Liter from Nikke
Credit to Shift Up

Liter is more of a support for attacks, but she’s just so strong that we have to put her here. Her skills are the kind that gets better the more they’re used, which makes her perfect for later game story content and bosses. She does have a skill that can heal up to half of a Nikkes HP.


Pepper from Nikke
Credit to Shift Up

Pepper is often hailed as one of the best healers in the game and for good reason. This adorable doctor comes with a unique skill where she heals the team when she damages raptures, a two-in-one if you will. She can also raise the number of boosts able to be used by all units and heal over time, making her an invaluable team member.

Whichever healer you have, all of these will carry your team well throughout your gameplay!

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Best Healers in Goddess of Victory Nikke