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How to Get & Use Rupee in Goddess of Victory Nikke

How to Get & Use Rupee in Goddess of Victory Nikke
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If you’ve been playing Nikke for a while, chances are you’ve met Rupee, the luxury goods entrepreneur of the Ark. In this article, you’ll learn everything about how to use Rupee in Goddess of Victory Nikke!

Before we dive in, let’s talk about Rupee: who is she, and what does she like? Rupee loves fashion, shopping, and of course spending time with the Commander. Beneath that personality trait of consumerism, there is a rapture-killing beast that you absolutely need to recruit.

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How To Use Rupee In Battle In Goddess Of Victory Nikke

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Burst 2 tends to suffer from middle child syndrome as units since they’re never as strong as burst 3 battlers and don’t have the same buffing skills as burst 1 Nikkes. If you can get Rupee, you will never have that problem because she’s incredibly strong, even comparable to some of the Pilgrims. She can do a burst one’s job, boosting herself and others with her skills. Thanks to her broad kit, you can use her in any squad setup. The longer she battles, the stronger her skills will become.

Best Leves To Use Rupee For In Goddess Of Victory Nikke

Rupee is ideal for later game nodes, the ones you hit after you get past the 160 wall. You can use her for anything though because of how strong her damage is, she’ll help you fly past the early game content. The only thing you shouldn’t use her in is PVP because those fights are short, and you don’t get full use out of her skills in them.

Rupee’s Skills In Goddess Of Victory Nikke

Rupee’s first skill will temporarily boost her critical rate and kickstarts after she’s dealt at least 100 hits on raptures. Her second skill does the same thing except boosts her own powers instead of others. To get the full extent of her power, prioritize leveling her second skill first and then do her first one later.

Her burst skill is an AOE damage dealer that can rip out many enemies at once. AOE attacks are good for wall-defending battles as well as base defending because those will end early if the enemy overpowers you.

To meet Rupee and the other powerful members of Talentum squad, download Goddess of Victory: Nikke today!

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How to Get & Use Rupee in Goddess of Victory Nikke