Home Guides How to Beat The Mini Game in Goddess of Victory: Nikke Red Ash Event | Tips & Guide

How to Beat The Mini Game in Goddess of Victory: Nikke Red Ash Event | Tips & Guide

How to Beat The Mini Game in Goddess of Victory: Nikke Red Ash Event | Tips & Guide
Credit to Shift Up
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Up for a new challenge in Goddess of Victory: Nikke? If so, you’re going to want to check out Memory of Goddess, the mini-game in the Red Ash event. Here, you can play as the different members of Goddess squad on a quest to beat tons of raptures.

How to play Memory of Goddess in Nikke

The goal of the game is basically to get the highest score you can by destroying the raptures chasing you. Getting higher scores means you get to redeem more upgrades and weapons when the round is over.

In each stage, the goal is to survive for a certain amount of time and defeat the big boss that shows up. The beginner stages start you off with 10 minutes, then you move up to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and so on. Despite their difficulty, the stages are worth playing because you get an advanced recruit voucher when you beat each one.

Playable characters in Memory of Goddess

scarlet in the mini game
Credit to Shift Up

You start off with Snow White as the base character and unlock the others as you go along. Each one requires a certain number of coins and quest completion to be able to use.


  • Cost: 8,000 coins
  • To unlock: Clear Snowy Base II


  • Cost: 8,000 coins
  • To unlock: Clear Military Base I


  • Cost: 8,000 coins
  • To unlock: Clear Military Base II

Red Hood

  • Cost: 8,000 coins
  • To unlock: Clear Desert I

Red Hood Alternate Form

  • Cost: 20,000 coins
  • To unlock: Clear Simulation Room II

How to level up on the battlefield in Memory of Goddess

On the battlefield, you level up as you collect coins and chips, which allows you to choose certain boosts. The best ones you can pick are the ones that make you move faster and the ones that increase your projectile. This is because as you get deep into a stage, more and more enemies appear, so you need a way to counter them quickly. Make sure to level your weapons as well.

Useful items in Memory of Goddess

Pick up the magnets that you see on the ground, as those will allow you to collect tons of chips and coins all at once, helping you get leveled faster. If you see hearts, save those to come back for when your HP is low, and don’t waste them on a full bar. The lightning bolts provide juice for your projectile attack, the bar on the right side of the screen that changes color when active. Use that when you have enemies surrounding you.

Aim for the highest score today in Goddess of Victory: Nikke Memory of Goddess!

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How to Beat The Mini Game in Goddess of Victory: Nikke Red Ash Event | Tips & Guide