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How To Use Red Hood’s Burst in Goddess of Victory Nikke

How To Use Red Hood’s Burst in Goddess of Victory Nikke
Credit to Shift Up
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Hold everything because at last, the iconic Goddess squad member Red Hood has arrived in Nikke for the game’s one-year anniversary. Play through the Red Ash event, where you’ll learn all about who she was. It’s time to hear about the life and times of the legendary Red Hood.

For more information, you can read about all the changes coming in the November update of Goddess of Victory: Nikke in a dedicated article!

How Red Hood’s Kit Works in Goddess of Victory Nikke

red hood from nikke
Credit to Shift Up

Red Hood is unlike any character found in the game so far. Up until this point, all Nikkes have come with a burst number. The way the battle system works is that the order in which you activate your units is based on that number, so burst ones will go first, then two, then three, etc.

Red Hood does not have a burst number, she’s a bit like a wild card in a deck that can be used anywhere, which is what makes her so fantastic if you can pull her. She’s a pilgrim Nikke and they have very low rates, so be prepared with tickets and gems.

How To Use Red Hood For Emergencies

How you use Red Hood depends on what you’re lacking as far as units go. Need a strong burst one to boost your team? She can do that. Missing a strong burst three DPS? You’re covered. We’ll explain out all of the ways you can use her so that you can tailor your teams to suit your needs.

One of the best uses for Red Hood is to bring her to tough boss battles where you run the risk of your units dying. Normally the problem with that is that if your burst one or two dies, you can no longer activate the power of your burst three. Bringing Red Hood solves this issue because her burst can be activated at any turn, she can be an emergency burst one or two.

Because of the nature of her kit, it is recommended that you do not enable the auto feature when she’s in battle or her burst might activate when you don’t want it to. When her burst is ready, her icon will appear in the column on the right side of the screen.

How To Use Red Hood’s Bursts

To use her buffing power, activate her burst when all of the burst units are on the screen. This is perfect for when there are tons of enemies, making her ironically perfect to pair with her frenemy Scarlet. If you don’t need that, you can activate it during burst two, where she’ll perform a taunt and a self-heal. For the classic damage attack, wait until burst three.

All in all, Red Hood is invaluable for her ability to do well in any spot you put her. You can learn more about her today by downloading Nikke and playing in the Red Ash event today! Collect her best friend Snow White for free as well!

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How To Use Red Hood’s Burst in Goddess of Victory Nikke