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How To Get The Free Snow White In Goddess of Victory: Nikke

How To Get The Free Snow White In Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Credit to Shift Up
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By now, you’ve probably become familiar with Snow White, the mysterious Pilgrim who wanders the Rapture-covered surface in Goddess of Victory: Nikke with the goal to take it back. She can destroy 100 raptures at once and be back for lunch.

Despite being known as a strong, no-nonsense fighter now, this warrior was once a young girl eager for her future.

The first anniversary’s Red Ash event takes us back to the time when the Goddess Squad was new, giving you the opportunity to claim the character Snow White: Innocent Days for free. This is a version of her from the past that’s wet behind the ears, with a spark in her eye not seen in the current version. She’s the Goddess Squad’s newest recruit and excited to prove herself as a Nikke. To collect her, you have to prove yourself, too.

How to claim the Snow White copies

red hood and snow white
Credit to Shift Up

When the Red Ash event drops on Nov. 2, all you’ve got to do is make sure to check in every day when the game resets. Here’s what to do:

  • Log in to your Nikke game, making sure it’s updated to the latest version;
  • Go to the event page from the main page and choose the stamp login option on the map.

If you did the Nier: Automata event and got the free Pascal, the format should be similar. Remember that you actually have to go to the event area and manually sign in—it’s not the same as, say, the Day By Day login, which was for the whole game. Anything like that pops up as soon as you open the game.

Do this for the two weeks of the event in order to claim the free Snow White. Even if you miss a day, there should be a small grace period of three or four days where you can keep claiming rewards after the event ends.

How to limit break Snow White

To get an additional copy of Snow White, you have to clear all the event stages, including the challenge missions. If you’ve found these difficult in past events, there’s good news: the November update is going to reduce the difficulty for both event stages and story missions, so you should have no problem doing them. The copies allow you to level her higher. To limit break her, just do the following:

  • Go to the Nikke tab on the main screen of the page;
  • Choose the blue bar on the right side of the screen that says Limit Break to access her spare bodies and break the level caps.

The Red Ash event drops on Nov. 2, so get pumped!

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How To Get The Free Snow White In Goddess of Victory: Nikke