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All Changes Coming in the November Update of Goddess of Victory: Nikke

All Changes Coming in the November Update of Goddess of Victory: Nikke
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The first anniversary of the most cultured shooter game on the internet is just around the corner and there’s lots to be excited for, from quality-of-life changes to new characters. While you wait for the festivities, let’s go over the changes coming in the update of Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

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A Reduced Difficulty In Campaigns

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One of the biggest things is going to be a complete nerf of the main game content. An issue with the game has been that it can be difficult to keep with the required difficulty of the chapters, that is having your characters leveled enough to beat campaign nodes.

It has the tendency to jump faster than you can level your characters, but now the power requirements for those will drop. And before some of you go complaining it’ll be too easy and that this handholding, just play on hard mode and mind your own business. It’s for convenience and ease of access, not to baby us.

Changes In The Union Shooting Range

Another improvement to look forward to is a complete renovation of the Union Shooting Range. It’s the feature in the main area of your union hub. Basically, it’s a space to practice your Rapture killing skills, test out new comps, characters, etc. Right now, the features are on it are pretty limited, but come November that will change.

Expect the enemies to have higher stamina which will increase the score count ceiling as well as the option to change the kinds of raptures you can fight. These improvements will allow you to learn how to play the game better in a setting without pressure.

New BlaBla Texts In Goddess Of Victory: Nikke

If you haven’t played with the BlaBla messages, you need to do so. There’s a lot of fun side quests there that give you extra currency along with exp items to increase your bond with the Nikkes. You can also get messages from your favorite characters that show off their wild personalities really well. The update will have at 42 new BlaBla messages for you to enjoy.

Updates For Challenge Stages In Goddess Of Victory: Nikke

When it comes to the games limited time events, it can be difficult to find the motivation to do the challenge stages. You’ve just done one or two parts of the same thing for the same rewards so why bother? The update will be increasing the reward yield for the challenge stages in events, which makes it worth your time to complete so much more. They will also have less stages moving forward.

These quality-of-life improvements are sure to make what is already an amazing game even better. If you haven’t given Nikke a shot, what are you waiting for? With anniversary around the corner, there’s no better time than now to do so.

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All Changes Coming in the November Update of Goddess of Victory: Nikke