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How to Play Past Events in Goddess of Victory: Nikke

How to Play Past Events in Goddess of Victory: Nikke
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Nikke is undoubtedly a very cultured game in more than one way. One of its biggest charms is its stories, particularly the side events. Thanks to a new feature, you can view some of these old tales. This is how to play in past events in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

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How To Access The Archives In Goddess of Victory: Nikke

The old events in Nikke.
Credit to Shift Up

The Archives is a secret feature nestled inside the Commander’s office. To access these past events, you need to have unlocked the Outpost, which if you’ve completed the beginning of the game, you likely have.

  • Inside the Outpost, go to the Command Center, the place where you do side stories and claim Relic rewards.
  • On the main screen, choose the option that says Recollection. This is where you can see past chapters and brief encounters you’ve had in the Outpost. But we’re not here for those today.
  • Go to the tab all the way on the right side that says Archives. This is where you will find all of the currently available past events.

Available Events In Goddess of Victory: Nikke

You can choose from No Caller ID, Over Zone, or Bow Wow Paradise. No Caller Id is a short plot that takes place at the beginning of the game and focuses on lore about humans on the surface while Over Zone tells the story of the Goddess Squad, the original Nikkes. It takes place years in the past before the Protagonists’ time and gives detail into the life and times of the Goddess Squad defending the then-incomplete Ark. Both stories are quite heavy, so if you want something that’s more of a comedy, go for Bow Wow Paradise.

Make sure to do the Over Zone event at some point for context because the upcoming anniversary event seems to be related to it if recent art is anything to go by.

When events are archived, all you can do in them is view the story, collect the BGM rewards, and play the mini-game sometimes. You can’t access the shop or claim any login rewards there.

Explore old stories today in Goddess of Victory: Nikke! And happy almost-anniversary!

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How to Play Past Events in Goddess of Victory: Nikke