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How to Max Unbind in Goddess of Victory Nikke

How to Max Unbind in Goddess of Victory Nikke
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You’ve been chipping away at the story in Nikke, investing in building the perfect squad of units. All that work seems to be paying off and then boom, you hit the terror known as The Wall, as known as the 160 Wall. Don’t worry, we’ll explain how to escape it.

Do you already know how to reset characters in Goddess Of Victory Nikke? If not, make sure you read that once you’re finished with this guide!

The 160 Wall in Goddess of Victory Nikke

Hitting the 160 Wall in Nikke happens when all five of your main units that are connected to the synchro hit their cap of 160, leaving you unable to power up your other ones any farther. Basically, if you did what you should have, you should have 5 purple units leveled up, 3 being the starters and 2 being other SRs.

The synchro allows you to carry their levels over to the stronger SSRs without the need to use any leveling resources. Unfortunately, those purple units cannot be limit broken past 160, so what do you do at that point?

How to Limit Break Purple Units in Goddess of Victory Nikke

Surprise, they actually can! It just requires a little bit of time and patience from you. Basically, all you’ve got to do is fully limit break at least 5 SSR units, meaning you collect their spare bodies 3 times for each one. This is a pretty long and tedious process, but there are a few ways you can shorten it.

  • The first is by collecting the free SSRs from events, the most recent being Innocent Days Snow White. In events with free characters, you can collect copies by logging in and playing through the event story.
  • Another thing you can do is change the wish list in the general gacha pool. See this little button?
the wishlist in nikke
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  • Here, you can put the Nikkes you want most on a sheet and you’ll have a higher chance of getting them. The general pull rate is the same though. The only thing you can’t put on the wish list is pilgrims and limited units, like the summer Anis.
summonable characters in nikke
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How to Buy Spare Bodies in Goddess of Victory Nikke

The other thing you can do is purchase copies of characters from the ticket tab in the shop section. It’s the 5th tab down in the game currency shop, not the cash one. When you get at least 200 silver tickets from doing pulls, you can exchange them for any spare body there.

limit breaking snow white
Credit to Shift Up
  • To limit break a Nikke, go to their profile in the Nikke tab on the bottom of the screen. Click the button that says limit break and then you should be good to go. For the max unbind to take effect, you just need to limit break but not level them so save your resources for your other units. Once you limit break 5 SSRs, you should be able to level your purple units.

It’s a tough process to get over that 160, but you can do it! Once you do, your opportunities in the game will be endless. And if you haven’t given Nikke a try, it’s time to start today!

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How to Max Unbind in Goddess of Victory Nikke