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How To Reset Characters in Goddess Of Victory Nikke

How To Reset Characters in Goddess Of Victory Nikke
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Want to know how to reset characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke? Here you can find all the information you need. Before we start, it’s important to know that Nikke has a particularly interesting system when it comes to leveling your characters. Most games would encourage you to level your characters but here, things work a little bit differently thanks to the synchro system. With this, you’re allowed to have characters be matched to a character that’s already leveled.

This eliminates the need for leveling too many characters in the early game stage and wasting your resources. If you made the mistake of doing that, worry not, as there’s a simple way to change it. This is how to reset characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke.

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Who To Level First In Nikke

Mast from Nikke
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When you get your first SSR in the game, it’s extremely tempting to want to level them immediately, but you need to hold off or you run the risk of causing a big problem. Nikkes need a spare body to limit break their power (meaning go past a certain level limit).

It can sometimes be tricky to get spare bodies for the SSR units and if you can’t level them, your other units in the synchro will be stuck at that level, leaving you in a deep pickle. Fortunately, there’s a solution for this.

How To Reset Nikkes In Goddess Of Victory Nikke

Resetting a level in Nikke.
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On the bottom of the main screen, you need to choose the Nikke option to go to your character roster. Pick the one that’s over-leveled. On the right-hand side underneath their level, you should see a blue text box that says Reset Level.

This will allow you to put them back at level one, fixing the issue of being stuck. It only costs 10 gems and you’ll be refunded the exp and resources you used on them.

You can then use this to level up the characters that are relevant and are able to be limit broken. For early game content, stick to only leveling purple units and put the SSR characters into the synchro. It will make it easier on you and your resources in the long run.

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How To Reset Characters in Goddess Of Victory Nikke