Mast from Nikke
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Goddess of Victory Nikke: Mast Build Guide

This how to play as Mast in Nikke.

There’s nothing better to go with summer than a story of the high seas. Nikke recently released the naval girl Mast, the Aegis squad member who works with Helm. In the event story, Mast receives a mysterious map that appears to lead to a valuable treasure. Of course, as the commander, you are dragged on this adventure. It’s a fairly short event that’s definitely worth doing. Part of the fun of Nikke after all is the big personalities of everyone and this means participating in the events as well as the side quests of the characters, which you’ll of course unlock by pulling them. This is your ultimate Mast build guide.

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How To Use Mast In Goddess Of Victory Nikke

Mast from Nikke
Credit to Shift Up

Mast is a burst II unit, meaning that she’ll be the second character you’ll activate in battle for a group attack. When it comes to bursts, one II is all you need. She’s a supporter class, meaning that her skills are mainly focused around boosting other members of your squad. This includes Pirate’s Sight, which temporarily boosts the critical rate of two allies with the strongest attack. Pirate’s Grit boosts critical damage when HP significantly goes down. Her Burst Skill boosts max hp and critical damage while also doing damage based on attack percentage at that time.

How To Use The Synchro Machine

You don’t need to level Mast thanks to the synchro device feature. This is one of the best mechanics of Nikke that lets you save your exp boosting currency. With the synchro device, you put a lower level Nikke in with the higher-level ones in your roster and the low level Nikke will automatically take on the level. For example, if you put in a level 80 Rapi, a level 1 Mast will automatically go to level 80. Exp currency goes quickly and it’s impossible to stretch it to all of your roster, so using the synchro is a must.

You can meet Mast and the other nikkes by downloading the game today!

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Goddess of Victory Nikke: Mast Build Guide