Home Game Guides Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE is an incredibly addictive RPG shooter for mobile devices. And Level Infinite has created an addictive title in which you have to assemble a team of various humanoid weapons in the form of girls and fight against dangerous enemies. And so that you can use the best characters in the game, we have created a Tier List of the best characters in Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE.

Characters in Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE

In Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE, you will find an incredibly exciting story about the struggle of mankind for survival. But to see the whole story, you will need to go through many battles. Some of them will be easy, and some will be a challenge for many players. 

As with all RPGs in recent years, Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE uses the Gacha system to obtain characters. And this is not surprising, since almost all gamers like to collect anything in games, whether it be achievements or beautiful characters. In Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE, you get characters with unique looks and personalities instead of regular combat units. Moreover, the game has many animated illustrations making the characters even more alive.

All Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE Characters Ranked

However, it’s still an RPG. Therefore, you must use the best characters to progress in the game. Unfortunately, the game’s Gacha does not have a Pity System, so you have to choose which characters to roll wisely. And to help you with this, we have ranked all of them from the best to the worst.

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Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE Character Tier List

SSScarlet, Ludmilla, Liter
SVolume, Novel, Pepper, Noah, Harran, Privaty
AYulia, Guillotine, Exia, Drake, Admi, Brid, Milk, Poli, Signal, Snow White, Sugar, Rapi, Yuni, Neon
BMaxwell, Maiden, Emma, Crow, Frima, Centi, Alice, N102, Delta, Belorta, Rapunzel, Yan, Rupee, Noise, Miranda, Anis
CMary, Yulha, Ether, Diesel, Folkwang, Mica, Aria
DSoldier OW, Vesti, Mihara, Eunhwa, Isabel, Soline, Soldier FA, Soldier EG, Product 12, Product 08, Soldier FA

As you can see, the first four Tiers contain most of the characters in the game. Of course, having SS and S Tier characters, you will be able to destroy any opponents in the game. But even with A and B Tiers, you won’t have much trouble clearing levels if you build the right team. And we do not recommend using characters from C and D Tiers at all, since they are too weak.

That’s all you need to know about character rankings in Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE. Use our Character Tier List to create the best team in the game. And while you are here, take a look at our list of the best mobile RPGs for iOS and Android.

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Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE Tier List – All Characters Ranked


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