Alice from Nikke
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Goddess of Victory Nikke: Alice Build Guide

This is how to use Alice in Goddess of Victory: Nikke, including how her skills work and which team compositions to put her in.

Alice might look cute, but beneath that exterior of pink, puppy eyes, and bunny ears, there is a god-tier being comparable to some of the Pilgrims in Nikke. Possibly the most powerful DPS in the entire game, sweet Alice can carry you far if you manage to summon her.

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Eventually, you’re going to need a unit that can knock out multiple groups of enemies at once. The deeper you get into the game, the more each node is going to have, making it difficult to hit the boss.

This is where Alice comes in, as her power lies within being able to wield a sniper rifle. With it, she can take out multiple enemies at once, making her one of the strongest units for later game campaigns.

How to use Alice in Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Alice from Nikke
Image via Shift Up

Besides being an absolute destroyer of raptures, Alice is also self-sufficient, managing to recover her own HP with one of her skills. She can also reload at a decent speed, eliminating the need for the power cube that increases the reload time.

Her kit is interesting because it has some support elements that you wouldn’t expect from a DPS unit.

Alice’s skills in Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Alice’s first skill boosts speed and damage for the two units in the party with the highest attack, while her second one boosts pierce, which is the ability to destroy multiple units at once. This skill comes in handy particularly with bosses who have multiple parts to them. Her burst skill, Wonderland, boosts attack and charging speed.

Alice’s team build in Goddess of Victory: Nikke

When it comes to composition, Alice fits into almost any team, thanks to her set. Your best bet would be to put her with other characters that have a tough time landing hard hits. She’s a burst three, meaning you should pair her with two other burst-three attackers, along with a burst one and a burst two. The setup of bursts is very important for success in battles.

You can get Alice today in Goddess of Victory: Nikke to lead you to victory!

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Goddess of Victory Nikke: Alice Build Guide