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How to Assign Burst Units in Nikke Goddess of Victory

How to Assign Burst Units in Nikke Goddess of Victory
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There’s no doubt Nikke is the most cultured shooter game of the year in more than one way. Beyond the beauty and bosom, the characters of Nikke each have something called a burst. This is essentially their special attack and is very important when choosing units for a team. You need to have the right order so that you can utilize the burst system properly. This how to assign burst units in Nikke Goddess of Victory.

All Burst Categories

Basically, there are burst one, two and three category units. In battles, you’ll activate them in order, which is why it’s important to pick the right ones. For example, if you had exclusively burst two units on a team, you would not be able utilize the full extent of the mechanic.

A team from Nikke Goddess of Victory.
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This group is of course an example, but the structure is what you want to follow by using the units you have. Every team should have:

  • Two burst one units
  • One burst two unit
  • Two burst three units

Why This Formula Is Important

The reason you only need one burst two is because they serve as the middleman in a battle. Since you are working in multiples of three when it comes to bursts, the ones are the opener, and the threes are the finishers. Once you complete a burst, everybody will be able to attack at the same time.

How To Activate Burst In Nikke

In a battle, proceed as you normally would but keep an eye on the right side of the screen. You will see icons of your units show up once you’ve built up some charge.

A battlefield in Nikke Goddess of Victory.
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Pick the burst one unit that you want to start with. This will of course vary depending on the battle and your needs at the time. After tapping it, do not pull away because you’ll immediately have to press the burst two unit and then burst three. This may be delayed if the unit is taking too much damage, but always be sure to hover around the activation area.

Being able to harness this mechanic properly is important for defeating bosses that usually appear at the end of a chapter and for defeating other enemies quickly. You can check out Nikke today on mobile and PC.

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How to Assign Burst Units in Nikke Goddess of Victory


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