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10 Best Cafeland Designs To Inspire You

10 Best Cafeland Designs To Inspire You
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Creative games are the perfect way to show off one’s personal taste and style. In Cafeland, you get to design a restaurant to look exactly how you want it to look. After lots of searching, we found the cutest Cafeland designs from other players to spark up your creative juices.

Winter Wonderland

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an ice restaurant in cafeland
Credit to Sophie on Pinterest

This one seemingly themed after an ice castle is an adorable theme for an ice cream or milkshake shop. It’s the perfect winter wonderland to enjoy a treat in.

Al Fresco

An outside restaurant in cafeland
Credit to Shiya on Pinterest

When the snow melts and the plants begin to sprout, it’s time to get in the mood for outside eating. This one has an al fresco theme where you can enjoy dinner out in nature.

Casino Chic

A pink restaurant in Cafeland
Credit to Shiroi on Pinterest

The pink and the palm trees give this place the casino vibe that is just so fun and nostalgic. The flowers in the middle are perfectly coordinated and seem to tie the whole thing together. You can’t go wrong with tropical themes.

A Throwback Theme

A blue and white restaurant in cafeland
Credit to Shiroi on Pinterest

Does blue and white make anyone else think of 90s restaurants? This just has that old school pizza place vibe that reminds you of going to dinner with family as a kid and we love it. The aesthetic is timeless.

A Forest Indoors

A forest restaurant  in cafeland
Credit to Shiroi on Pinterest

We love this one because the inside plants reminded us of the rainforest cafe and the themed restaurants of our childhood, you know, the ones you go to go on your birthday. This has that same fun feel.

Resort Vibes

A beach themed restaurant in cafeland
Credit to Claudia on Pinterest

Poolside meals just hit different, especially when you’re on vacation. This design brings a heat into a cold season, making us look forward to the warmer days ahead.

Halloween Party

A halloween restaurant in cafeland
Credit to Claudia on Pinterest

Just because it’s not October anymore doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate Halloween! Here we have all the things that make up spooky season, with ghosts, pumpkins, and witches galore. You’ll have a meal served with a touch of fright!

A Romantic Night Out

A date night place in Cafeland
Credit to Pinterest User

Every couple needs a date night restaurant on their rotation, the ones that are candlelit with small tables and absolutely no chicken nuggets on the menu. You know this place won’t be cheap, but the experience and intimate feeling will be worth it.

Brunch Babes

A pink and brown restaurant in Cafeland
Credit to Gwen on Pinterest

The colors of this one feel so adorably confectionary with the browns and pinks. It’s like somewhere you’d host a wedding shower or have Sunday brunch. The lacey design on the tables and chairs especially adds to that.

Luck Of The Irish

A Saint Patricks Day restaurant
Credit to Pinterest User

Need some luck in your life? This Saint Patrick’s Day themed design is sure to do for you with its festive colors. Every emerald tone and rainbow really capture the essence of the holiday.

Hopefully, these helped you to get going with your own Cafeland design!

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10 Best Cafeland Designs To Inspire You