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Hay Day Best Farm Designs

Hay Day Best Farm Designs
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Build your dream farm with Hay Day! Are you a crops farmer at heart? Or do you prefer to raise chickens and collect eggs to sell? Or perhaps you are more of an all-rounder who dabbles in a little bit of everything? Whatever type of farmer you are, we have some helpful tips to make sure your farm runs as smoothly as possible. Let’s explore the best farm designs in Hay Day.

How to Create the Best Hay Day Farm Designs

A well-organised farm is a thriving farm, and it will be easier to take care of everything you need to care for in the long-run if you make sure everything is in its right place. Now of course these tips are only suggestions, and you can organize your farm however you like, but when you begin to have a lot of decorations, buildings, crops, and animals on your farm you may well wish you have made sure they were all in sections.

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If your farm is continuing to grow and you find you have small spaces between each area, those are ideal for planting strips of crops as a sort of bonus. There is nothing wrong with squeezing a bit more money out of your farm with extra crops!

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Creating sections to grow crops altogether, using something to mark where each crop stops, will help make sure you don’t have to flit from one spot to another just to harvest or sow seeds each time. The machines and buildings associated with the crops should be nearby too so you can easily assess what you need to make, how many of each crop you have, and what crops you should focus on.

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The same thought process should apply to keeping animals. Place pens of specific animals in one area, with the buildings dealing with whatever they produce nearby. Keep the Feed Mill close by, in particular, this way you can top up the mill for whichever animal is in need. If you want to keep animals but they aren’t your main focus, then perhaps keep them away from the main areas you are working on.

If you find you want to rearrange and decorate your Hay Day farm then just tap and hold until the edit feature shows and you can move as much of it around as you desire. Some brave farmers even clear the whole farm before completely redesigning it!

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Hay Day Best Farm Designs