How to Decorate Your Farm in Hay Day – Guide and Tips

How to Decorate Your Farm in Hay Day - Guide and Tips

Hay day is one of the most popular farming games. Today we will talk about the creative moment, namely, how to decorate your farm beautifully and what needs to be done for this.

Why Decorate a Farm in Hay Day?

Someone might ask, why decorate the farm and arrange objects beautifully if it takes a lot of time? Indeed, sometimes it is difficult to figure out how to arrange everything harmoniously. But, if you try to redesign your farm and come up with some design, decorations, and creativity, you will see how addictive it is! Well, playing on a beautiful, clean farm is a pleasure. So go ahead and catch tips that will help you decorate the farm.

Basic Hay Day Decor Tips

Before moving or decorating anything, think about your farm. Where do you want to place the animals, and where is the house, all kinds of factories or a garden? This will help you a lot in the future, as you will be able to plan your site, and not dump everything in one corner.

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Fence and Walkways

With their help, you can easily separate objects, different parts of the farm, lay paths to the right place. Fortunately, the choice in the game is very large, so you can choose anything. By adding only these details, your site will already become much cleaner and more beautiful.


The entire farm in the game is divided into small squares. Production facilities can have different shapes and lengths, but if you draw the same squares using stone (or any other) tiles, any buildings will look harmonious. It can also apply to any other objects in the game.

Alternating Decoration Elements

If you want to make a beautiful garden or just some part of the farm, it is a good idea to alternate the elements of decorations. How? Imagine you need to lay out a large area with a beautiful path inside. Instead of taking one track, you can alternate, for example, two. You can also lay out chess alternation. The same can be done with bushes, trees.

Unusual Uses for Common Items

Do not forget that you can decorate not only with the help of statues. You can take completely ordinary objects and make interesting, even unique compositions with them. It all depends on your imagination.

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How to Decorate Your Farm in Hay Day – Guide and Tips


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