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All The Sinners in Limbus Company

All The Sinners in Limbus Company
Image Credit: Project Moon
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Did you ever wonder what it would be like if the characters from your favorite books all came together? No, it’s not an after school special from the 80s, its Limbus Company!

In Limbus Company, you manage a team of soldiers who are all inspired by people from famous works of literature. The game is unique in that it focuses on this group rather than frequently adding new characters like most gachas. Therefore, it’s worth getting to know who they are.


Faust is the definition of “watch out for the quiet ones” – just because she’s soft spoken doesn’t mean she’s weak. In fact, it’s the opposite, as she might be one of the smartest people on the bus.

Hong Lu

Hong Lu is actually a nice guy, but he tends to have the social cues of a bullfrog thanks to his upbringing. He means well, his delivery is just poor.

Don Quixote

You know how every family has that one kid that eats glue or says weird things? Don Quixote is literally that kid. Basically, she has the biggest heart and smallest brain.


Gregor is probably the calmest member of the group, which is interesting since he happens to be part bug. He’s got that tired dad energy that’s very relatable for some.


Outis is that person you feel bad for because they try way too hard at everything they do and want to please their superiors. Could she have an ulterior motive for this? Only time will tell.


the sinners in limbus company
Image Credit: Project Moon

The scary mom of the group, Rodion is that one affectionate mom that will cheer you up when you’re sad and also lie about your age at the buffet so you can eat free. She’ll do anything to protect you.


Meursault might seem like a simple soldier, but he’s definitely an iceberg – deep down beneath that icy exterior is a man of many talents. He’s not mean, he’s just simple in his affections.


Ryoshu is a swordswoman with a bad temper that you don’t want to mess with. Make her mad and there’s no guarantee you won’t lose your head. We mean that literally.


A rough tough guy from the streets, Heathcliff is a big old grouch, but he’s a lot of bark and no bite. He’s a passionate man who can swing a bat like nobody else.


Ishmael is the one that you don’t want to argue with because she prioritizes rationality above everything else. She can’t really see gray areas in things and will always proceed as such.


The sweetest person on the bus, Sinclair is a shy boy who need to grow some confidence. There’s a reason he’s with this group though, he just has to get the confidence to bring it out.

Yi Sang

Like many of us, Yi Sang needs a nap. He’s a scientist and used to be a researcher, so he seems to be permanently sleepy. He’s a gentle guy, albeit quirky, sometimes using odd phrases. Those are just Yi Sang things though.

You’ll meet this crew in Limbus Company and set out on a new wild adventure!

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All The Sinners in Limbus Company