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What Level Should You Be to Play the Pokemon Teal Mask DLC?

What Level Should You Be to Play the Pokemon Teal Mask DLC?
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These days when it comes to Pokemon games, your journey isn’t limited to beating the Elite Four. Thanks to the newest DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there are tons more adventures to experience in the land of Paldea. However, how do you prepare to visit the Teal Mask area in terms of power? Do you need to progress to a certain point to enjoy it? What level should you be to play the Pokemon Teal Mask DLC?

Pokemon Teal Mask DLC Level Requirements

Long story short, with this update the game will introduce level scaling, which means that content gets more in line with your character, as you level up. The Pokemon you will run into won’t be a set level, but rather be around your level.

The game doesn’t have a level requirement set in stone, but it’s better to have a couple of well-trained Pokemon to help you clear the content more easily. If you want to play Teal Mask, we recommend that your Pokemon should be at least level 60 to play the DLC and enjoy it thoroughly.

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How To Pick The Right Pokemon For The Teal Mask DLC

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As long as you’ve unlocked the treasure hunts, you can access the DLC. To unlock the treasure hunts, you need to progress to a certain point where you basically unlock the main story options. Don’t go running there yet though, as the Pokemon in the new area are quite tough. If that doesn’t bother you, at that point, you can go on the trip to the Teal Mask area by going to the Academy and speaking to Briar.

The Uva Academy in Pokemon
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To play through the Kitakami region comfortably, make sure your Pokemon are at least between levels 55-60. Don’t bring too many Pokemon with you yet, as you’ll certainly meet plenty of new ones you’ll want to catch. To level up Pokemon quicker, you can use some Experience Candy or you can send them out to do quick battles.

How To Find New Pokemon In Kitakami

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Since it is almost a whole new map, you’ll want to dedicate some time to exploring it. You should get your fill of the main map first and then check out the Teal Mask area. There are plenty of new items to collect and special Pokemon to add to your awesome team. To meet them, just go off the path a bit when you get to the main town in Kitakami after you finish the cutscenes.

You can enjoy everything Kitakami has to offer by downloading the Teal Mask DLC today for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

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What Level Should You Be to Play the Pokemon Teal Mask DLC?