What Pikmin is Strong Against Brown Mushrooms in Pikmin Bloom?

How to Get Higher Attack Points for Mushroom Challenge in Pikmin Bloom

Mushrooms are a challenge in Pikmin Bloom that can be unlocked at level 15. They come in different sizes and colors, and when destroyed, they reward players with Fruit and a certificate. Mushrooms can be found on Expeditions as you walk, or when you get back from a walk. Player’s scores are determined by what type and how many Pikmin are sent out to beat it, and how long they take to do so. They come in 8 colors: Blue, Yellow, Brown, Red, Purple, Grey, White, and Pink, and four sizes: Small, Regular, Large, and Giant. The best scores are earned by Pikmin who match the color of the Mushroom they are sent to beat.

So what about the Brown Mushrooms that have no matching colored Pikmin? Which Pikmin are strongest against them? Find out about the Brown Mushrooms below.

Small Brown Mushroom in Pikmin Bloom

All About the Brown Mushroom Challenge

Brown Mushrooms are much like Red, Yellow, and Blue Mushrooms, as they have fewer health points than Purple, Grey, White, or Pink Mushrooms. The Nectar received as a reward is White Nectar—the same as when you beat a White or Grey Mushroom.

Usually, the strongest Pikmin to use against a Mushroom is a Pikmin of the same color as the Mushroom, but as there are no Brown Pikmin, there is no bonus for matching color. Instead, the strongest Pikmin would be Rock or Purple Pikmin with Decor, a high friendship level, and with a flower.

Purple Pikmin with Restaurant Decor

We haven’t managed to get 4-star rating on a Brown Mushroom yet, so if you have managed it, please let us know how in the comments below!

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What Pikmin is Strong Against Brown Mushrooms in Pikmin Bloom?


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