Pikmin Bloom Mushroom Challenge Guide: How to Find More Mushrooms


Pikmin Bloom is an augmented reality game available on iOS and Android. You can take your Pikmin for a walk, grow flowers, collect seeds and fruits, and complete challenges. One challenge available is the Mushroom Challenge. Mushrooms are the raids of the Pikmin Bloom world and can be found when you are walking about with your Pikmin. Find out more below.

What Are Mushrooms in Pikmin Bloom?

When you get to level 15, you unlock the challenges available in-game. Some of these challenges involve Mushrooms that appear in the AR world. These challenges encourage Pikmin players from all over to gather together and defeat the Mushroom towers. When your group wins, you receive special fruit that contains rare nectar—the bigger the Mushroom, the more fruit you receive. A 4-star bonus awards each player double fruits!

Mushrooms in Pikmin Bloom (image via TouchArcade)

Where to Find Mushrooms in Pikmin Bloom?

Mushrooms can be unlocked at level 15 and appear randomly as you walk. They come in four sizes: small, regular, large, and giant. The bigger the Mushroom, the harder it is to defeat, and the more fruit you receive after a win. They can be anywhere on a map, so it is hard to pinpoint exactly where and how often they appear.

How to Defeat a Mushroom in Pikmin Bloom.

To defeat the huge raid Mushrooms, you can invite along up to 4 friends and their Pikmin. You will need to walk to them in the real world to begin the battle. Small and regular Mushrooms can be completed solo, while large and giant can only be defeated while in a group.

You should send a Pikmin that matches the Mushroom’s color for a better chance of defeating it. A star rating will be given after each battle and the rating depends on a few factors:

  • How long it takes to defeat the Mushroom
  • If your Pikmin has decor
  • If you send Pikmin of a single color
  • The friendship rating of your Pikmin
Different Pikmin are available in Pikmin Bloom

For a 4-star rating, you (and your team) must send Pikmins of one single color, destroy the Mushrooms quickly, have a high friendship score, and use a Pikmin with decor. This can all increase your score.

The giant Mushrooms are particularly hard to defeat, so keep these tips in mind when you next go to battle with the fungi fiends! Good luck.

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Pikmin Bloom Mushroom Challenge Guide: How to Find More Mushrooms


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