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Top Items to Craft in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Top Items to Craft in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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Gathering resources and crafting items is a fun and necessary part of Hello Kitty Island Adventure and there are so many things to make! Not everything is super useful except for giving as gifts, so we have put together a little list of what we think are the most important things to focus on while getting items and making things at a Crafting Table. There are a handful of things that you should be crafting regularly to keep the story moving and get you access to the whole island. Let’s explore exactly what are the best things to craft in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

7 Best Items to Craft in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Levelling up friendships and completing main quests requires a few essential things which we will focus on here in the list below. If you have just started playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure, or are just feeling like you should be moving along quicker than you are then have a look at your inventory and the crafting options available via the Crafting Table, and see if you can make a few things that can help push the story on.

Stamina Apples

Stamina Apples are a permanent way to increase your stamina, making it easier to climb mountains and hills, and swim under water for longer. Receive Stamina Apple Slices sometimes as a quest reward, and from Golden Apple Chests around the island. Once you have five Slices you can craft a Stamina Apple which is automatically added to your Stamina Bar.

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These are particularly important to craft as you go because the Iron Ore is not readily available and is only found in a few places every day. Gather the red rocks with gray spots in the volcanic areas whenever you can find them and when you have at least three, craft some Ingot which can be used to craft other items you will need such as the Watering Can.

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Another special item to craft is the Spark. These can fix and power things like Ziplines, a great way to get about the island! Craft Sparks using three Light Stones which are received as a gift from Kuromi.

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Mechanisms are used in many other crafting recipes, especially for high level gifts for friends. These types of gifts usually award around three hearts so are well worth crafting when you can! Craft a mechanism using three Gizmos which are gifted to you by Chococat.

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Fizzy Crystals

Fizzy Crystals are needed to power up the drinks machines in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, as well as to make Soda! Craft as many of these as you can whenever you visit a Crafting Table because you will need a lot of them eventually. They are made using Fizzy Ore which is found in the Crystal Caves in Gemstone. Take a Minecart ride and see how many you can collect.

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You can get furniture from My Melody at her Furniture store, of course, but if you are after something specific for your incoming visitors then you should think about crafting it. Each piece of furniture needs something different and you will need the Crafting Plans before you can make any of them. The crafting plans for furniture is awarded to you as gifts for completing tasks, rewards, or found in chests.

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Themed Gift Boxes

Many of the friends you meet on the island prefer a specific type of gift. Each person likes different themed things, like tropical, volcanic, spicy, or sweet. You can find out what hey like by tapping your Phone then Friends and selecting their picture. Icons under Likes will show you what sort of themes they enjoy. A themed Gift Box is perfect and guarantees at least two hearts to the friendship level. To make a themed gift you will need to craft Gift Boxes first using one Box Clam and one Starfish, then craft whatever themed gift you like using the Gift Box plus another ingredient.

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Other important items not listed are things that are actually part of the main Hello Kitty Island Adventure quests like Flippers, Snorkel, Pickaxe, and Watering Can, all of which are crafted at a specific time as requested during the specific quest so they don’t really need to be mentioned in our list. If you need to know how to craft each one there are details in each article linked!

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Top Items to Craft in Hello Kitty Island Adventure