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How to Swim in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Check out our guide to find out how to find the Flippers and learn to swim in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Getting around the island starts off as an on-foot venture but soon you will be able to swim, dive, zipline, and fast travel to every destination in Hello Kitty Island Adventure! The first thing you need to do is to learn how to swim with a brand-new pair of flippers. Let’s explore exactly how to get your own special swimwear in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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Where to Find Flippers in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

When you first land on the abandoned island you’ll find that every time you step into the water you get transported back onto land. This is because you haven’t learned to swim yet! You will need to swim to find every lost friend on the island so it is pretty important that you learn to swim as soon as possible, and who better to teach you than your new Hello Kitty Island Adventure amphibian friend, Keroppi.

There is no way to get to Keroppi until you complete the Power Up The Gate quest with Chococat so make sure you do that first! Follow these steps to get that task done quickly:

  • Reach Friendship Level 1 with Chococat
  • Find all three Yellow Power Crystals
  • Power up the gate on the eastern side of the resort

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Once the gates are powered you can reach Spooky Swamp, head left towards a waterfall and climb up a cliff via a wooden ladder. Speak to Keroppi who is standing near some ponds and give him the Gift from My Melody. This will start the Finding Flippers quest!

Keroppi gives you the Crafting Plans for the Flippers which show the two ingredients you need to find to create the Flippers: the Fins and a Strap. Keroppi is kind enough to give you the Fins so all you need to do is get the Stap from the Chest on the Pond Dock near where you met Keroppi.

Finally, take these items to the Crafting Table near Chococat’s tent and craft the Flippers! Once you have the Flippers you can swim across any body of water in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, making it so much easier to move around the island.

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How to Swim in Hello Kitty Island Adventure