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How to Scuba Dive in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Scuba Dive in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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Getting around the island becomes easier as you progress through the quests and friendship tasks in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Discovering and exploring the different areas is one of the most exciting parts of your new life on the island and you soon find out that one of your friends can only be visited underwater! You may already know how to swim using your new Flippers but how can we dive under the water? Let’s explore how to scuba dive in Hello Kitty Island Adventure!

How to Craft Scuba Gear in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

No matter how eager you are to get underwater you will have to be a little patient as it takes a few steps to get the right equipment. The very first thing you will need to do is to level up your Friendship with Kuromi to a level 6 by gifting her spooky items and food like Jack-O-Lanterns and Pumpkin Pie.

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Next up go and visit her in Spooky Swamps at the dock by the Potion Hut where she will ask you to use her Snorkel to dive under the pond water and retrieve her Locket. This little task is basically to show you how a Snorkel works, but unfortunately, Kuromi only has one Snorkel and you will need to craft your own if you want to dive under water whenever you like. Luckily she gives you the Snorkel Crafting Plans for free.

Take the plans back to the Crafting Table and make your Snorkel using the following materials:

  • 10 x Rubber (found around the island)
  • 2 x Sparks (crafted using Light Stones)
  • 2 x Iron Ingots (crafted using Iron Ore found in and around Mount Hothead)
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If you haven’t already found the Iron Ingots Crafting Plans then that will be your next task before you can make the Snorkel. Travel to the zipline at the top left corner of Spooky Swamp. If you haven’t fixed it yet you will need two Sparks to do so (these are crafted using Light Stones gifted to you from Kuromi). Use the zipline to get to Gemstone Island and make your way to the Dance Hall. To the left of the Dance Hall on the hill are the Ingot Crafting Plans!

Now you have your new Snorkel you can go scuba diving in the deep waters around the island in Hello Kitty Island Adventure! Check out How to Play with Friends in Hello Kitty Island Adventure!

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How to Scuba Dive in Hello Kitty Island Adventure