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How to Repair Visitor Cabins in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

How to Repair Visitor Cabins in Hello Kitty Island Adventure
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As you build your new life in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, not only will you make new friends with the other inhabitants but you can invite visitors to come live there for a while! People will need somewhere to stay while they explore your island and the abandoned Visitor Cabins are the perfect place for them to hang out. The only problem is these cabins haven’t been repaired in a long time! Let’s find out how to repair the Visitor Cabins in Hello Kitty Island Adventure and invite new guests to stay.

How to Build Visitor Cabins in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

There are Visitor Cabins all over the island in every area and these small buildings are perfect for visiting guests. There is one problem though: every Visitor Cabin is in disrepair and requires some much-needed tidying and decorating. Luckily you have some helpful friends who can help, namely My Melody who specializes in furniture! My Melody has materials and tools kept in Strawberry Crates which are scattered around the island.

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Your job is a simple one: find the Strawberry Crates hidden around the island and collect every single one you see. These crates will be used to repair Visitor Cabins. Each Visitor Cabin uses a different amount of Strawberry Crates to rebuild and repair them, as you travel around to new areas you will find some Visitor Cabins could even take 10 crates to repair them! The best thing to do is just collect every Strawberry Crate you come across on your adventures to use whenever you like.

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To repair the cabins just approach the sign outside and tap the Hammer Icon. The instructions will tell you how many Strawberry Crates are needed, and you can decide if you want to spend them on repairing the house. Of course, no visitor wants to stay in an empty house so you will need to place some furniture inside too. If you are building a place for a specific visitor then you should take note of what sort of furniture like would like.

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Furniture can be crafted at Chococat’s Crafting Table, purchased at My Melody’s Furniture Store, or unlocked as gifts or rewards. Step inside the newly-repaired house and tap the build icon to place any furniture from in your inventory.

Once the building is ready your visitor will arrive and you will be able to speak with them and start any Hello Kitty Island Adventure quests they have for you!

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How to Repair Visitor Cabins in Hello Kitty Island Adventure