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The Sims Mobile vs The Sims Freeplay

The Sims Mobile vs The Sims Freeplay
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The Sims Mobile and Sims Freeplay may have somethings and some features in common. But, both games are different on many fronts whether we talk about external differences like developers, or in-game differences like character creation, houses, and playability, currency, etc.

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The Sims Mobile is a life simulation game based on Sims 4, whereas, The Sims Freeplay is a strategic life simulation game with more features.

Difference between The Sims Mobile and Freeplay

Here are some of the major difference between both games-

1.) Developers 

While the publisher for both games remains the same, i.e, Electronic Arts, the developers are different. The Sims Mobile is developed by Maxis, whereas, Sims Freeplay is developed by Firemonkeys.

2.) Character Creation

Character creation is a feature available in many RPGs, Simulations, and a few other genres. It is something that many of us adore. We like how our in-game character is presented, how he/she looks or dresses.

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The Sims Mobile comes with a more advance character creation tool than the Sims Freeplay. Players can adjust a Sims physical look via different sliders and option available in Sims Mobile. However, when it comes to character creation in Sims Freeplay, players have a few standard options to select.

3.) Houses and Playable Sims 

When it comes to building houses or playability, The Sims Freeplay stands atop Sims Mobile as in Sims Freeplay players can build a wide variety of houses, families and even build your town.

On the same hand, in Sims Mobile players can create only one house and up to four sims.

4.) Currency 

Both the game use the same in-game currencies called Simoleons, however, when it comes to premium currency, they both are very different.

The Sims Freeplay uses lifestyle points and social points as currency. Meanwhile, the Sims Mobile has a premium currency called Simcash.

5.) Needs and Wants

The needs and wants in Sims Mobile uses energy. Each action in the game uses some amount of energy. While one being the minimum energy required, you need more for some big tasks.

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In Sims Freeplay players can fulfil the needs of the sims using related items instead of energy. For example, if your sim is hungry, then a refrigerator will suffice his/her needs.

6.) Legacies

When it comes down to Legacies in both the games, they are similarly different. Now, we know most of you are confused, but, hear us out. In Sims Mobile, one can create a Legacy only when the current Sims retire(do not die).

But, in Sims Freeplay players should complete the Life Dreams and Legacies Quests for their Sims, in order to create a Legacy(Both games have differences when it comes to Legacy).

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The Sims Mobile vs The Sims Freeplay


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