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Genshin Impact Tips: How To Quickly Level Up Adventure Rank

Genshin Impact Tips: How To Quickly Level Up Adventure Rank
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Genshin Impact offers different forms of levels and ranks that decide the difficulty and progress of the game. We have the player character levels, weapons and artefacts levels, Adventure Rank and World Rank. All the different levels and ranks in Genshin Impact are co-related to each other. They impact the game’s story and other progressions.

Character Level–>Adventure Rank<– World Rank 

We use the above relationship to explain the level and rank system in Genshin Impact. Playable character levels depend on Adventure Rank. Furthermore, the world rank that decides the overall difficulty of the game depends on Adventure Rank. Now, you all see that in Genshin Impact Adventure Rank holds the main progression of the game. The entire game is adventure-rank centric.

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Genshin Impact is a little harsh when it comes to levelling adventure rank. In the beginning, players can level up adventure rank with ease by opening chests, visiting the statue of sevens, unlocking teleport points, completing quests, etc. But, after AR 28 it’s difficult to level up your AR.

It becomes almost impossible(slow) when you reach AR 36. And, since the game is not meant to play for continuous hours. There’s a resin system active in the Genshin Impact that stops players from farming adventure rank XP or any sort of items or equipment.

Now that we know how hard it is to level up adventure rank in Genshin Impact. We are going to talk about some of the best ways to earn adventure rank XP at a constant and fast rate. Full Disclosure: There is no magical step that can help you to level up AR in just one or two days. If you are at high AR it will take time, though this guide will surely help you all, especially the players who are low at low AR or who are at mid-levels( AR 16-AR 20).

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1.) New to Genshin Impact? Doesn’t matter. After players are done with the intro. They should go out and explore the open world and try to unlock all teleport points.

2.) Never ignore a chest or puzzle. They reward you with a good amount or AR XP.

3.) Always do quests as they grant a high amount of Adventure Rank XP.

4.) Make sure to exhaust your daily resins on Domains, Bosses and such other activities. They not only grant a huge sum of AR XP but, they also a great source for items.

5.) Do daily commissions(unlocked at AR 12) and make sure to claim the daily commission completion rewards from Guilds(Mondstadt or Liyue).

6.) Whenever, players level up adventure rank they can claim rewards from Guilds.

7.) Complete world quests and side quests.

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based game currently available on PC, PS4, Android and iOS.

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Genshin Impact Tips: How To Quickly Level Up Adventure Rank


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