The Sims Mobile Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Improve Your Game (2020)

The Sims Mobile has finally been released worldwide on Android and iOs, after spending almost an entire year in soft launch! And we’re here to make your new virtual life in the Sims universe better by sharing a bunch of The Sims Mobile cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide.

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The game is complex and extremely challenging, with tons of things for you and your Sims to do and accomplish. There are also many new features compared to the Sims Freeplay, for example, so even if you’re an experienced Sims player, you might still have some things to learn if you check out our tips and tricks for the game.

So far, we’re absolutely loving it and we’re sure you’ll love it even more after getting better thanks to our complete Sims Mobile tips and tricks strategy guide! So let’s not waste a single second – let’s check out everything about the game below!

Complete quests & Daily missions

Your quests and to do list are extremely important because that is where you will be getting your biggest and best rewards and they will also make it a lot easier for you to progress in the game: level up and unlock new features.

Each day, you should focus on completing all the daily missions – and do so as fast as possible, then work your way up to the Quests. These are constantly updating and new ones are offered as soon as you complete one or some, so it’s a work in progress. But make sure you’re always working on completing them, one at a time.

It’s all about the events

The Sims Mobile is really all about completing the events in the game. There are multiple types of events available when you start, but you will unlock more as you progress through the levels. You have Career Events, Hobby Events, Relationship Events and so on. They are organized in chapters and they all work in a similar fashion.

Each event will be automatically completed after a given period of time passes. However, you can rush that by spending your character’s energy to have him or her perform various actions. Since this is the only use for energy, you should always start with that. Here are some extra tips for making the most out of the events in the game:

– Always build up to do the risky actions, but never try them until your Sim tells you that they’re ready for it (or you see that the success meter looks good). These offer you a ton of points for very little energy consumption

– Make sure that you always place the special items that you earn for your career. These are usually expensive, but always give you a nice head start for all future events, so it’s an investment you MUST make

– It doesn’t really matter what actions you choose, as they will all give you the same rewards per energy consumed, with the exception of the risky actions and the career items (we’re talking about these below). So just perform actions until you run out of energy.

– Longer shifts give you better rewards, so make sure that, before logging out of the game, you have your Sims perform the longest available event in any category. This way, when you return to the game, you have more goodies to collect and your Sims don’t just stay there wasting time.

What are the career order items and how to use them?

When in an event, certain actions can reward you with items instead of XP for the event itself. These items can be found in your “Career order items” menu by tapping the right arrow and you can use these to unlock special new actions during the event.

For example, for the Barista career, you have the option to prepare a coffee or a tea. After doing these, you will now have the option to serve these items to your customers.

These things usually give you extra XP and even money, so if you have energy to spare, they’re worth doing every now and then.

How to find a specific Sim

It took me a long while to find out how to actually get the chance to contact my crush in The Sims Mobile.

But once you know where the option is, it’s really easy to do. So tap the Sim icon to the bottom left of the screen and in the new window, simply tap the speech bubble to the top right side and you will find all the characters there:

Just tap the “Socialize” button with any of them and you’re ready for some social interaction!

How to get more Simoleons

Everything seems to be extremely expensive in The Sims Mobile, so you have to do your best to earn the most Simoleons (basic currency). We’ll have an entire article dedicated to that, but until then, here are some tips and tricks on how to make it happen:

The easiest ways to make more money in the game is by completing the daily missions and quests. Then, you should work on completing all the events you can – the more, the better, including parties which should be taken to a level as high as possible.

You can watch ads to earn more Simoleons, so the more active you are in the game, the more money you will have.

Watch ads to increase earnings & get freebies

As I was saying above, watching video ads helps you earn more money by increasing your Event earnings, but you also have the chance to watch ads to get some extra money or even special items – just tap the Play button over your mailbox when at home or similar buttons in the various areas of the game and you’re ready to roll. This is really helpful, especially because you can earn premium items.

Build larger rooms to start with

Whenever you’re building a new room, try making it as large as possible – or as large as needed for its purpose.

You can easily change the size of the rooms without doing too much remodeling and with keeping all the items inside afterwards, but choosing the right side for the room from the beginning is extremely useful in the long run.

Larger rooms allow you to place more items and decorations, which in turn will increase your Lifestyle rating and offer you more options when it comes to actions during events and parties or for getting extra energy for free.

Decorate everything!

There are a ton of items in the game and it will take you a long while to unlock them all, but buying new decorations for your home is extremely important. This way, you will get your Lifestyle Rating up and progress through the game and unlock even more items and options.

You should try and focus on completing collections from the corresponding menu as that gives you additional boosts or bonuses – or just allows you to unlock new story options and complete missions.

Don’t forget that you can also decorate all the other areas that you unlock in the game, such as the Cafe or the Restaurant – and you have separate items for them as well. In those areas, make sure that you always start by placing the special career items, as I have recommended already earlier in order to get the event boosts.

Get extra energy

Energy is regenerated for your characters constantly, but you can also get a lot of free energy each day. In order to do so, you can sleep, visit the toilet, take a shower and so on.

There are lots of items that can help you restore energy and fortunately you don’t have to remember them all. Just tap your character’s energy bar and then choose the items that help you replenish energy.

Have in mind that you can only use these once every day or several hours (the actual cooldown timer is shown for each item) but the good news is that EACH of your characters is allowed to use the same item.

So if your first character uses the bed, your second one can use it too and the third one as well. This is really good to know because I initially thought that you only get one use of an item for all characters.

Play with more Sims at the same time

I know, it’s really fun to play with your starting sim and making him or her your own, but the truth is that your in-game progress will be a lot faster and there will be more options for you if you play with two sims at the same time. Try it! It’s really fun and worth your time!

Retire your Sims for new Heirlooms

Heirlooms are those great statues in The Sims Mobile that unlock new features or hobbies for your characters. There are a ton of heirlooms to get, but they don’t come without any sacrifices on your side.

Or on your Sims’ side, to be exact. Because you will get Heirlooms only when you retire a sim or if you send them to a new player. So don’t get too attached to your Sims – you will have to retire a ton of them in order to get all the Heirlooms in the game, but it’s really worth the trouble!

If you want to learn even more about the game, make sure to check out the additional guides we have prepared for you:

This would be it, for now, in terms of The Sims Mobile tips and tricks. If you have extra strategies, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing a comment below.

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The Sims Mobile Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Improve Your Game (2020)

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