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The Sims Mobile Guide to Having a Baby and How to Age a Baby to Toddler and Child

The Sims Mobile Guide to Having a Baby and How to Age a Baby to Toddler and Child
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It makes a lot of sense that, after playing The Sims Mobile for a while, you’ll want to have a baby in the game as well. That is fortunately possible and in today’s article, we’re going to share with you a complete guide on having a baby in The Sims Mobile.

You can even age your baby into a toddler, then a child and keep aging them through their life over and over again – and we’re going to talk about that as well in today’s article where we have everything you need to know about babies in The Sims Mobile.

But let’s start with the beginning:

How to have a baby in The Sims Mobile?

First of all, in order to be able to have a baby in the game, you need to get married. We’ve already shared a complete guide to this feature, so read everything about it if it’s unclear how to do it.

After getting married, you need to reach level 11 in the game. This will open the opportunity to have babies in The Sims Mobile, by unlocking a set of events related to having a baby, as well as the item required to actually get the baby: the Stork’s Visit Bassinet.

After getting the Bassinet, all you have to do is tap it and have the stork deliver a baby. It’s that simple once the requirements have been met!

The good news about having babies in The Sims Mobile is that any type of couple can have babies, including same-sex couples. But if you want to try for a baby, you need a male/female couple. Otherwise, you can just adopt which is just as nice:

You need a double bed in order to be able to try for a baby, but the good news is that you can buy a cheap one for 270 Simoleons.

Now that you have a baby… it’s time to age them to toddler, then to child and so on all the way to adulthood.

But how to age a baby to toddler in Sims mobile?

It’s actually pretty easy: all you have to do is wait for a blue birthday cake to appear on top of their head! When that happens, you just tap the icon and the baby becomes a toddler, or the toddler becomes a child and so on.

Usually, the waiting time to grow a baby to a toddler is 24 hours and the time increases a bit with each new growth (so you will have to wait for longer for them to grow from toddler to a child).

Also, I believe that interacting with them is also important – so do things like holding them, feeding them and interact with them in order to make sure that you get the birthday cake to age them.

And that would be it! Having a baby in The Sims Mobile is not difficult at all, as long as you meet the requirements – which are not difficult to get to either! Then aging a baby to toddler and so on is just a matter of waiting, so the sooner you start working on this, the better it is!

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The Sims Mobile Guide to Having a Baby and How to Age a Baby to Toddler and Child


  1. So I’ve had my baby for almost 12 hours, she had the cake over her head, I clicked it and nothing happened. Also is there a way to have 2 bassinets at once? Cause I have two couples and I want both to have a baby but it won’t let me do it with my other couple without another bassinet but it won’t let me buy another one either… HELP?!?!

  2. Same problem here, I always make sure that my couple always interact with the kids and after doing some llama event and a party, i noticed that the bassinet is already blocked.. could it be a bug or because the parents are partying?

  3. I just did the second event things with my baby and now the bassinet is blocked, the parents are home and they aren’t doing anything, also I have 2 open sim slots, the bassinet just says it’s blocked and now I can’t interact with baby anymore

  4. My Sims aren’t married but they have a child and when I tap on the Stork’s Visit it says that i didn’t unlock it. I can’t feed her so she will not grow up. What do I do?


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