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The Sims Mobile: How to Get Married & Marriage Guide

The Sims Mobile: How to Get Married & Marriage Guide

If you found the perfect Sim in the recently released The Sims Mobile, there’s no point in waiting. You can get married in the game and fortunately, this doesn’t come at a premium. On the contrary, it’s a pretty easy and straightforward thing. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in today’s guide: how to get married in The Sims Mobile.

Before we get here, let’s keep in mind that we’ve already shared some general tips and tricks with you, as well as a complete guide on customizing your character. Make sure you read those as well, then let’s move on to today’s topic: our complete The Sims Mobile marriage guide!

First of all, you should know that before being able to get married in The Sims Mobile, there are a few requirements that you must meet. We’re talking about them first, since you can’t do it unless you have them all ticked off the list:

– Your Sim must have a love interest already. You get one by choosing the first interaction with a new Sim as a flirty one. From that moment on, you get to complete relationship events which will in turn evolve your relationship.

– Eventually, you will unlock an event – Propose – which is exactly what you should do in order to start the process of getting married in The Sims Mobile. This will be a regular event that takes 8 hours to complete:

– Have in mind that after completing the event, you will NOT be married, you will be engaged. In order to actually get married, there’s another thing to tick off the list: get the Wedding Collection.

In order to buy the wedding collection, simply tap the button to purchase furniture when at home, then go to Home Item Collections – Wedding Collection:

You need to purchase at least one of each of the three items in order to complete the collection and be allowed to marry somebody else.

After purchasing and placing the items, simply tap the we Wedding Arch and select the “Get married to…” button. A new list of all the available Sims that can be married will appear and all you have to do is select the appropriate one.

After you hit the OK button, everything will be extremely quick and the two Sims will get married instantly. Not much of a party, I know, but the first step to creating an awesome family in The Sims Mobile is made!

When getting married in this game, sex doesn’t matter so anybody can marry anybody. I am not sure right now if you are allowed to marry more than one character, but we’ll see if we can build up a new relationship and give it a try. If you tried it, let us know if it’s possible to marry more than one person in the game. That’s really interesting to know.

But until then… this would be about it. All you need to know about getting married in The Sims Mobile is in today’s guide and, as you can see, it’s not as difficult as it might seem or sound at first. So go there and build that romance up so that you can get married ASAP!

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The Sims Mobile: How to Get Married & Marriage Guide



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