The final Tank Battle: East Front game, Tank Battle: East Front 1945, is now available for purchase on the App Store. Thanks to this series, players have been able to play through some of the more important battles of World War II and bring their preferred faction to victory.

Just like in the previous games, it’s possible to play through two different campigns as Soviets and Germans. Each campaign includes eight total missions with a variety of objectives to complete. During the course of these missions you will have to protect convoys, destroy all enemies, obtain key itmes and more. Despite the low total number of missions, the game is still quite engaging. Some new tanks have also been added in, expanding the gameplay possibilities of the game.


Just like the previous entry of the series, Tank Battle: East Front 1944, in Tank Battle: East Front 1945 you will also be able to play the game together with another player on the same device thanks to some unique multiplayer missions.

Tank Battle: East Front 1945 is now available for purchase on the App Store. Now that all the game of the series have been released, you can enjoy the totality of the World War II East Front battles on the go.




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