Are you a fan of Terraria and still know nothing about Strange Plants? It is not a problem as we have prepared a detailed guide on what strange plants do and how to locate them. So, don’t lose a minute, keep reading!

​What Strange Plants Do in Terraria

To cover what Strange Plants do in Terraria, we need to mention that they are quest plants, and you can give them to the Dye Trader. In return, you will get one special dye (there are thirty-three in total). All of them except two are quest-exclusive. Thus, you will get three dye types chosen randomly. If one sells regular Strange Plant, they will get 20 coins, meantime 75 and higher is the price obtained for selling quest-exclusive dyes. So, this option will bring more profit.

​How to Find Strange Plants in Terraria

It is not that hard to find Strange Plants in Terraria as they are located at any altitude, in any biome. You can identify them in the Overworld as well. You will locate Strange Plants in Hardmode only while using the Desktop version and Mobile version. Use the Metal Detector to find them. There are preferable conditions for the growth of Strange Plants, like dirt or a stone, all covered with moss. The grass is also a great option (Mushroom grass will not work). Strange Plants need to grow not further than 240 tiles from each other. It is possible to highlight them with the help of a Spelunker Potion. One more great place to locate Strange Plants is the Floating Islands. So, make sure to visit them!

These are the ways how you can find Strange Plants and the best ways of using them. Now download the game and apply the gained knowledge right now! Enjoy playing!

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Strange Plants in Terraria: What They Do, and How to Find Them


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