Yoyos are a popular melee weapon in Terraria. Most of the players will use it at least once in the game. They can be effective in many boss battles.

Strings essentially increase the range of Yoyos. You can use them with any kind of Yoyo to enhance its abilities. For some reason, if you don’t like the plain White String, you can customize it with dyes.

Terraria: How to Dye the Strings

First of all, to dye a string, you need to have a string. You can craft a White String by using 30 cobwebs and a quick visit to the Loom.

Rainbow String (Image via Terraria Wiki)

Now, once you have the White String you have to put it together with your desired dye. Head over to the Dye Vat and get your colored string! The color of the string does not alter its abilities.

Dye Vat (Image via Terraria Wiki)

You can obtain the dyes from the stuff available in the surroundings. For instance, to get Red Dye, you will need a Cochineal Beetle and Red Husk.

Dye (Image via Terraria Wiki)

Some dyes like Silver and Brown can be bought from the Dye NPC. By mixing two or more dyes, you can create some special dyes. For example, you can mix Blue Dye and Silver Dye to make Bright Blue Dye.

Note that you can craft a Yoyo Bag with White String only. Once you color the strings, you won’t be able to use it for Yoyo Bag.

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How to Dye String in Terraria


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