Yoyos are interesting weapons in Terraria. Most of the Terraria players will use Yoyos at some point in the game. In fact, Yoyos are a preferred weapon for many (at least before the battles start getting increasingly difficult).

Nonetheless, you can make the best of Yoyos by tweaking their powers a little with the strings. The strings can be of any color. However, players first need to obtain a White String. In this guide, we will focus on the White String.

Terraria: How to Obtain and Use White String

White String

The White String is literally your regular white string. The string (of any color) will increase the range of Yoyos. It will take up an accessory slot.

Loom (Image via Terraria Wiki)

To craft the White String, you need to gather 30 cobwebs and visit a Loom to put them together. You need to have a White String to craft colored strings as well.

For a dyed string, you will have to combine the White String with a dye at a Dye Vat. However, players using a console can craft the dyed strings by hand.

Yoyo Bag (Image via Terraria Wiki)

For crafting a Yoyo Bag, only a White String can be used. No other colored strings can be used for this purpose.

If you decide to sell the White String off, it will fetch you 3 silver coins.

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How to Get White String in Terraria


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