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Raid: Shadow Legends Best Tanks In The Game

Raid: Shadow Legends Best Tanks In The Game
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In today’s article we will show you our picks for the Raid: Shadow Legends best Tanks in the game! The best Tanks guide we will show you will contain both Defense and HP specialized heroes, because they can both be used as tanks.

The main attributes that I’ve considered good for a good Tank to have is, of course, Defense, quite a decent amount of HP and possibly a Provoke which can taunt the enemy into attacking the said Tank. 

The reason why both HP and Defense heroes are here is because they can both fit the criteria, therefore making them pretty good “tanks” which can (and should) be able to take a few hits from the enemies. 

So far we’ve made our picks for the Raid: Shadow Legends best Attackers and Raid: Shadow Legends best Supports, so if you are curious about those two, definitely check them out! 

And just as we mentioned in both of our previously articles, don’t go ahead and upgrade the heroes as soon as you get them, because if you will not like how their skills play out with your team composition, it will be quite a waste. Firstly, take a general overview over all of them and only then make your picks!

So, now that we got that out of the way, let’s jump right into our Raid: Shadow Legends best Tanks in the game!

Raid: Shadow Legends Best Defenders – Common Rarity

No matter the name or specialty – be it HP or Defense – the Common ones should all be used for upgrading other heroes. I really don’t like using Common rarity heroes because they are really underpowered and investing in them would be just a waste of heroes and time and money. 

Like I initially said, save them as much as possible and use them to upgrade the heroes you are eventually going to keep, because that will be the best you could do.

Raid: Shadow Legends Best Defenders – Uncommon Rarity

This is pretty much the same as the Common rarity ones. I prefer not to use them, because they won’t come anywhere near a Rare one when it comes to benefits, since they only got 2 skills mostly which are basically easily replaceable. 

Since a tanky hero should be… tanky (right?) the Uncommon rarity heroes I think kinda slack on that field, so I recommend not using them rather than investing into an Uncommon hero which will not bring a lot to the team.

Raid: Shadow Legends Best Defenders – Rare Rarity

There area few decent ones, which you could definitely use and get a very good run for your money’s worth. Still, when it comes to a tank it requires quite a lot of investment, even more than into an Attacker sometimes, since they will need very good gears which are either DEF or HP based.

If you get a Rare tanky hero, carefully think about it before deciding to keep it or going for a Rare one, because if you get a chance to obtain a better one – Epic or even Legendary – then you might like that one better.

Either way, since there aren’t many amazingly outstanding Epic tanks, you could go for a Rare one which can be super strong if itemized well.

Grandmaster (HP) – The Aura increases HP, while he can decrease the enemy’s ATK and Provoke them.

Justiciar (Defense) – He could work well because of the “passive” on his normal attack, which increases his DEF by 3% up to 10% and because of the Comeback passive which allows him to attack again when he crits, which scales with his Critical Hit chance. 

Sentinel (HP) – His normal attacks can Provoke, while he can also debuff the enemy by decreasing the ATK and placing a Heal Reduction. He also heals himself with the passive Regeneration skill at the beginning of each turn.

Pounder (Defense) – His Aura increases Magic Allies’ ATK in all battles by 20%, while he can also decrease the enemy DEF with his normal attacks and Freeze them with his Spreading Ice skill. He is also great for the Tower of Power passive which increases the allies’ RES by 15 for each active buff on Pounder.

Gnarlhorn (HP) – His Aura increases Allies’ DEF in Dungeons and he can Provoke all enemies, while buffing his own DEF. He can also place an Unkillable buff on himself.

Seducer (Defense) – His Aura increases Allies’ HP, but he can also inflict a Sleep and Decreased ATK debuff on them, and buff the allies’ DEF and Block Debuffs. When he is on the same team as Temptress he will place an Ally Protection buff on the allies.

Raid: Shadow Legends Best Defenders – Epic Rarity

There are not many Epic rarity heroes which can be good, but the ones we have listed here I consider to be very strong, so if you are lucky to get one of them, good for you! 

Jizoh (Defense) – His Aura increases Allies’ ATK while he can also shield the allies, Provoke the enemy and place  Continuous Heal on himself.

Grimskin (Defense) – He can Provoke the enemy and decrease their SPD, while also gaining a chance to remove buffs from the enemies.

Atur (HP) – He has many skills to Provoke the enemy and Counterattack them, and if he is on the same team as Kallia, he will be granted immunity to Stun, Freeze and Sleep effects.

Hope (HP) – She is very good for the high chance to remove all buff.s from all enemies, while also blocking them from getting buffs.

Romero (Defense) – He is amazing because he can place a Continuous heal on the Ally with the lowest HP and on all allies, while also shielding them. If he is on the same team as Juliana he will get the Stalwart Partner skill which lets him attack all enemies 3 times.

Worth mentioning are also Vergis (for the super supportive kit which places an Ally Protection buff and Continuous Heal on the team mates) and Tayrel who can debuff the enemies with Decreased ATK, Decreased DEF and inflict Sleep and Stun.

Raid: Shadow Legends Best Defenders – Legendary Rarity

Now here are some really really powerful tanks which you can add to your team, but they are a little tough to get (as you might have learned thus far). If you are lucky enough to get them, congrats (share your tips with us)! 

Black Knight (HP) – His passive skill is super powerful deeming Black Knight unkillable. His kit also can Provoke the enemy and place a Continuous Heal and Increased DEF buffs on his allies.

Martyr (Defense) – Her Aura increases Allies’ DEF in battles by 33% and her attacks decrease the enemy’s DEF and ATK while they can also Provoke them. She can also buff the allies with Increased DEF and Counterattack.

Sir Nicholas (HP) – His Aura increases Allies’ HP and he can inflict a powerful Freeze on the enemy while buffing his allies with a Shield, a Continuous Heal and a super powerful Unkillable buff.

Ignatius (Defense) – His Aura increases Allies’ DEF and he can inflict Stun, HP Burn and Provoke the enemy.

Rhazin Scarhide (Defense) – His Aura increases the Allies’ RES in the Arena by 90 which is quite OP. He is also super powerful because of the buff removing auto attack and turn meter decrese skill.

Norog (Defense) – His Aura increases Allies’ DEF in Dungeons by 40% and he can decrease the enemy ACC and Block Buffs, while he is also immune to Stun, Freeze and Sleep and decrease the damage all allies get by 15%.

Angar (HP) – He has a ton of Provoke debuffs with which he can inflict the enemy. He also places a Reflect Damage buff on the allies.

These would be our picks for the Raid: Shadow Legends best Defenders (tanks) in the game at the moment. If you have other preferences, leave them in the comments below and tell us why! 

Also, don’t forget to check out our game guide to learn the best tips and tricks for Raid: Shadow Legends and if you are just getting started, we also got a best starting hero guide which should help you pass the very early stages of the game with ease.

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Raid: Shadow Legends Best Tanks In The Game


  1. I would also highly recommend Master Butcher from the Dwarf faction since one of his skills heals the allies as much as the damage he takes and he has one ascended passive skill that revives a dead champion with full HP as he dies.


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